Tuesday , June 6 2023

After reporting a fatal fire at Cerro Navia, the "Welcome" reporter weeps. | TV and shows


An unexpected situation occurred today. welcome., Morning of Channel 13, journalist through live dispatch Marilyn Perez I reported a fatal fire and shed tears. Vertical butterfly.

The fact that it happened at the intersection of Las Pritras Street and Las Quilas Dos left two dead, yet unknown. But according to neighbors, she is a 59-year-old woman who is struggling with travel. The only survivors of the tragedy were two of puppies and newborns.

Journalist welcome. He explained Cerro Navia's situation when he began to cry centrally and timely through his story. I heard a cry for a few seconds Tonka Tomichichi, The program's cheerleader, who must complete the dispatch.

"I know it's difficult to report such a topic."We listened to the driver, changed the topic, and continued the program schedule.

It should be noted that notera is not the first to be excited with live events as a tragic event. It also happened in January 2017, When he had to declare a fire. Hualañé Lack of food has killed dozens of animals.

has exist Social network, The cries of the reporters were inconspicuous, even gave birth to critics in the program, and communicated the facts about Marylin Perez's reaction and his comments on flattery.

Two dogs

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