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Addiction to video games influences mental and physical well-being

The bonus to video games continues
to feel passion for video games. It is a pattern of behavior
Addictive where digital play or video is the top priority in & # 39;
the life of a person. Addiction to video games is interesting with routine
the daily life of person and influenced mental and physical well-being.

The World Health Organization (WHO)
Just recognized the addiction to video games as mental illness.
The diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association does not
consider an official disorder, but recommend studying more
video games The symptoms, according to the WHO, are a change of the
Skills to control the game, a prevalence of game play
interests and activities up to the point that the result is in trouble or functioning
changed and a regular good behavior, despite negative consequences.

There are several warnings that aren't
can look for the cares a child has a threat
video games Have your children retired from sports, clubs or other
Do you play & # 39; no games? Provides your children especially interactive
with other members of an electronic video game community? Increase
your child's academic performance while increasing the importance of games?
Does the game decide the most of your child's free time? Alter the matches
from video your sleep models of your child? If You Answer Confirmatively
Each of these questions is also possible that your child is
developing an addiction to video games.

Please also pay attention to comments
Your emotional feelings from children if he or she cannot participate in this video game. De
Person endangered video games, in general, get very surprised,
organ or call if they think of how to get you from video games
for more than a short period. Because it is in
Addictive disorder, it's tough for those who intend to
Video games reduce the amount of time you invest in them. If they are
Confronting the time lost in the game, the people in that situation
They don't just say that they should slow down and watch the playtime
that his behavior is normal.

It is also important to note that the
Addiction to video games may affect physical health.
Due to the sedimentary nature of most video games, the
people with threats to video games tend to have little physical activity,
that is the risk of raising the & # 39; body. e body. The result
this elevation may be accessibility, high blood pressure, liver problems
and type 2 diabetes. People who sought this developed mostly
they did not take any measures to deal with these health problems.

Note the recommendations of & # 39; e
American Academy of Pediatrics: Children under 18 or 24 months of age should not use
social media, except for video conferencing; in it
Children from 2 to 5 years should not have time for a screen anymore
one hour a day and a good quality program; and, like them
Children grow up, the idea that something fits everyone does not work well and works
You will have to say how much social media the
children use daily and good types.

If you are visiting a game insurance
your child, make an appointment with the health insurer. The professionals
You can judge the situation, give guidance and, if necessary, you to a
mental health professional.

If you think your child's behavior is
not reached the level of addiction to video games, but thinks so
It would be beneficial to slow down the time that fits the screen
After that, technically free moments put in the association
Meal, for example, or specific family activities and excursions.
Make sure that everyone, including adults, goes away through the screens
those periods. Create the screens from & # 39; s room. Limits and ranges of
is at the same time and most likely for the time being able to & # 39;
screen and have them measured. For example, say it all
devices and screens one hour before bed and charge the devices
Outside the berths in & nbsp; night.

Have a chat with the family
over time that they earn in a home screen with billing
family values ​​and priorities. Talk about the importance of parsing
limit and benefit from activities that do not use any devices
or video games, such as reading, playing or speaking
animated face for person. Remove your children to learn ways
positive to connect and connect screens and games
Video can, in general, help them protect their safety and health.

Source Dr. Angela Mattke, Medicine for
Children and Adolescents of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

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