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A new surgical technique provides a better and accurate resection of the correct tumors at the anus

Posted 22.01.2015 14:20:08CET


A new surgical technique makes for better visualization and accurate targeting of rectal tumors in & # 39; e anus, explains Dr. Oscar Alonso, specialist in digestive surgical oncology at MD Anderson Madrid, pointed out that the main problem so far has been vision of the most distal part of the rectum, which just and completely resection of a tumor makes hard ".

The usual treatment in rectal cancer consists of & # 39; s total excision; a mesorectum, which is the removal of a targeted as well as the surrounding fat and lymph nodes, an effective approach which can be performed by laparotomy, by laparoscopy or by assisted operation by robot.

The problem with this approach is, explains Alonso, that as the location of the tumor comes closer to the anus and therefore changes vision, the patient is likely to have the resection not being correct and the tumor is falling.

A new technique of total exothermation of the mesorectum by transanal tract (TATME) is just trying to prevent this physiological problem. In combination with the traditional technique of exisitor of the mesorectum by laparotomy, laparoscopy or assistant by a robot, TATME can enable this statement of the farthest part of & # 39; The right to supply and therefore realizes that more patients with local rectal cancer Near the anus (those who normally undergo definitive colostomy) have the ability to undergo a transient yleostomy.

"When we get to the anus, the bit increases, as if it were an" L ", so the views of this last part are & # 39; & ls; 39 & gt; L & # 39; complete, & # 39 "says the doctor. Therefore, instead of the above, with TATME you can enter from below, of the year, also with laparoscopic instruments." By the anus we drive to the point of focus, where & # 39; we make a massive effort from then get the pelvis and then perform the total separation of the mesorectum, "he explains.

In the intervention, there can be two teams of professionals, each of which is responsible for realizing one of & # 39; the parties or a single team, starting with the longest part of & # 39; e & # 39; L & # 39; follow later with the shortest part.

In non-obese patients with small tumors, this technique even carries out the extraction of a tumor & # 39; The anus, so it would not be necessary to get it through the bay, an approach that normally requires a 5-7-centimeter invasion of the pubis, "Dr. Alonso said.

Alonso mentions the increase in the livelihood of these patients, which reaches a complete resection with less invasive intervention. "The treatment of patients seems much earlier and, therefore, also improves their quality of life", completely.

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