Saturday , September 18 2021

a 13-year-old girl received $ 20,000 for an air-inflated dorito

Rylee Stuart, a 13-year-old Australian teenager, never imagined that when she opened her bag of Doritos, she would find such a “prized” piece: a rare example of the famous triangle chip tortillas. This one had an inflated appearance.

Out of curiosity, he then decided to post it on the internet instead of eating it.

“Found an inflated Dorito! Does it have value or should I just eat it? He asked on TikTok on July 19th.

Just a week later, to his surprise, the post had more than five million views.

The answers started to come: a user of the social network, for example, advised that he put it up for sale. And he exemplified with a chicken nugget, that, because it was shaped like a character from the famous game Under Us, was fielded for $ 40,000.

The auction

Following the advice, Stuart began auctioning off the inflated dorito via eBay. After a while, however, the offers exceeded all expectations: they even raised $ 100,000, so the young woman turned down the publication. He said it was just an experiment.

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Despite this, the company itself was the one who took the initiative and got in touch with the Australian teenager:

“It’s been a very intense few days for Rylee and her family, and we enjoyed following our story,” said Doritos Australia Marketing Director Vandita Pandey.

And then she pointed out that she was rewarded for her “creativity and love for the Doritos” with 20 thousand dollars (15 million 450 thousand Chilean pesos).

“I was eating it and I thought it would be better to save it for later,” Rylee later admitted in an interview with the 9News portal.

“My dad said that since he bought the bag, the dorito had to be his, but since I found it, I think it’s mine,” he added laughing.

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