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8 occurs in medicines from 2018 to save your life

This year, there is a lot of promotion for medicine: it was achieved through the return of blindness and paralysis, to come in fields as the fight against cancer and treatment for infertility.

BBC Mundo will present you with some of the medical supplies that it reaches in 2018 and will be developed in 2019.

1 – Back to walking

Two groups of scientists helped relieved people back home, stimulated their spinal cord with electrical impulse.

A spinal cord inflammation – the result of a car or sports island – prevents the instruction of one's brain from & # 39; the muscles and that leads to paralysis.

But thanks to some electrical implants In the spinal cord, the destroyed signals can reach their destination.

These techniques are still experimental, but in one case the patient uses the device in their daily life.

In another case, there is evidence that harmful veins started in the spinal cord regenerate.

2 – Fight against cancer

Judy Perkins survived her terminal cancer through a pioneering therapy.

Perkins had tumors the size of a tennis ball in his liver and secondary Christmas on the body. The doctors had given him three months to live, until the doctors at the National Cancer Institute decided to try a new one in the United States "life medication".


Your tumor was genetically analyzed to identify certain changes that can make it visible to your immune system.

Found from 62 genetic anomalies, only four potential rules of attack have been offered.

And so it started looking.

A patient's immune system supports the tumor, but the white blood cells decrease in a fight against cancer.

What scientists were doing to investigate Perkins' white blood cells and deny those who can tackle the cancer.

After that, she grew into large numbers in the laboratory and reprocessed them in her bodies (close to 90,000 million), along with medications to clear the brake system on the immune system.

This new immunotherapy procedure leads to the seduction of Perkin's cancer.

Another work on immunotherapy against cancer won the Nobel Prize for Medicines.

3 – New uterus, new baby

For the first time, a healthy baby was born from a transplanted uterus of a dead woman.

Previous visits have failed and, therefore, much thought it would be impossible.


The mother, a 32-year-old woman, was born without a hips as a result of the Mayer-Rokitansky-Koster-Hauser syndrome, a disease that does not cause a vagina, nor the uterus, nor formed the worm.

The donor had three children and died of a cerebral flowering flower.

The procedure was conducted in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Six weeks after taking the uterus, the patient began to have the period.

Seven months later, fertile eggs were implanted and fed normal pregnancy, a girl was born by caesarean some about 2.5 kilos.

4- First Child Genetically Modified (Probably)

A scientist in China has over the years made the biggest rage in the science that he created the first genetic edition of & # 39; made a world.

Well, the twins are in good health.


The embryos were given by a treatment of assistant fertilization.

He investigates Jiankui's response that the DNA of his children has changed to protect them from HIV.

Mar, no details of the procedure have been published, where & # 39; s his statement with skepticism.

His announcement made for a profoundly ethical discussion about whether the procedure should be done or not.

5 – See again

Scientists made remarkable princes to avoid the world from the foreground of blinds: the Broken explosion connected to age, also called maculopathic.

The macula is the part of the eye that lets us see what is for us, whether it is inventing, revealing or reading a book.


It is composed of cones and fats that do not see the light. Behind her is a layer of nutritive cells.

If these layers disappear, degeneration and blindness become easier.

Scientists have discovered how they form a layer of supported cells, and their annoyance as a patch over the injured layers.

Patients do not experience this treatment they were central vision Not only to read, but also to see faces that were earlier than refutations.

6 – Laboratoires

A team from Edinburgh University, Scotland, developed human ancestry into a laboratory for the first time.

Women are being developed with real estate in their eyes just after puberty.


After decades & # 39; s work you can now develop it Oils to women outside the eggs.

This requires a rigorous control of laboratory companies, including the level of tissue, hormones and proteins that stimulate growth, as the medium grows these eggs.

The technique can be used to develop new ways keep the fertility of girls under cancerous treatments.

It also represents a chance to investigate the ovules, so the development process still has a lot of questions that have not been answered by science.

7 – Test for cancer?

Scientists took an important step for one of the main purposes of medicine: the development of a universal blood test to detect cancer.

A team of John Hopkins University, in the United States, tested a method using the detector Eight common forms of a disease.


The tumors earn small traces of their mutated DNA and the rats they form in a bloodstream.

The CancerSeek test checks for mutations in 16 genes that appear normally with cancer and 8 proteins that are normally released by the disease.

The test was examined on more than 1,000 patients with egg, liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, colon, lung and breast cancer that did not spread to other tissues.

The test came out effective in & # 39; t70% of squatters.

8 – Microbes, the hidden whole of our body

The immense importance of microbes for our health is a problem that is still being investigated.

This year, the most common cancer in children is present at our modern, free-living life.


Acute lymphoal leukemia has one in 2,000 children.

Mel Greaves, a professor at the Cancer Research Institute in the United Kingdom, has proven itself for 30 years the immune system can become cancerous if it does not see enough microbes "see" from the first steps of life.

The purpose of this study is not to earn the parents for accidental cleansing, but to show how the price of advancement in the society and in medicine is made in things such as drinking water.

The longest goal is to give children a safe baking bread – in a yoghurt – so their immune system is training.

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