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A Kelowna resident and their dog were delayed from the Glenmore dog park over the weekend for "aggressive behavior", and now women are on social media to stimulate their frustration.

"On the Glenmore dog city today, my and my dog ​​were delayed to show my dog's signs of aggression." I asked the older gentleman to explain further, I was told that my dog ​​cried another dog and two of the three dogs dug, "she wrote.

"I see the full game from & # 39; five minutes, and while the dogs are kneading each other (like dogs) and & # 39; growing & # 39; if some (not all) dogs are playing, there were no characters from agression of one of the three. "

After the Facebook mail received many comments, Castanet sent out for training and experts to take on a good dog breeding label.

Wayne Dorman is an owner and trainer at Dogies's high school franchise.

"In a situation like that … put them on a blank and bring them for a walk, you can start with spirit and physical exercises with her."

"The dogs are like children, and sometimes they can be transferred when they play and they cannot know how to close you. You can also always get a possible person who thinks he has the park", said Droman.

Laura Vigar from Watson's Hound Lounge seems to follow a few steps as they take their dog to the park.

1. Know your dog

Is this an area or activity where I'll be my dog ​​inside.

2.Be and active in the park

Make sure you really see what your dog is up to.

3. Leave in good note

You want your dog to have fun and get some energy and even make a friend, but it's important to get out of things for things. Know when it's time to leave.

For more information on doing rules click here.


It is no surprise that the MNP has released its Consumer Debt Index on blue Monday, which is officially the official day of the year.

The report indicated that 41 percent of British columns were within $ 200 of & # 39; insolvency, 58 percent interest in their ability to earn debt and 27 percent believe they do not make enough money to win the troubles and debt management.

All these numbers are again in the last report in September, and the situation is only getting harder, according to Kelowna MNP representatives Darrin Surminsky.

"I've never found a time where it's so negative, the feeling," said Surminski. "Everyone says," Where's the recession going? When are interests coming up? When is the home blood tearing? & Nbsp; No one talks about when you're good. They see these clouds at the horizon, and it makes people stop. "

If that is not good enough, coming from & # 39; s bike goes through fiscal responsibility to other problems.

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Castanet's Evening Update for Tuesday, January 22, with reporter Wayne Moore.

UPDATE: 4:48 pm

Kelowna International Airport was recently the 10th busiest in one nation, so it was only a matter of & # 39; set a time for & # 39; t Swoop in & # 39; s strike and started flying from YLW.

Swoop, the WestJet's ultra-low cost carrier, knowing Tuesday that the non-stop service against Winnipeg's Richardson International Airport starts three times in a week's start May 24.

"Kelowna is very popular, even for a secondary airport," said Swoop spokesman Karen McIsaac Tuesday afternoon. "Shares because in the summer the Okanagan Part is a very popular tourist destination. The Kelowna airport is wonderful partners for WestJet, our mother company, for many years, so of course it makes sense for us to go to Kelowna. to look. "

The flights to and from Manitoba's capital are Wednesday, Friday and Monday plans. They will continue until October 25th.

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UPDATE: 1:50 p.m.

DriveBC recommends that 15-20 centimeters of snow be expected at the Coquihalla Highway in the next 12 hours.

The "Coquihalla Snowshed Protocol" will be introduced this afternoon, DriveBC addt.

That is "the good idea if the snow finds its left," says the Ministry of Transportation.

It is being overgrown in heavy snow or free re-watering to preserve public safety.

Using special features for Coquihalla, VSA Maintenance Authorities calls it ministry, Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement, true and avalanche forecasters, such as flag and traffic services, tow trucks, and RCMP, so they can share all information.

The float is promoted and a training list is prepared in case of more personnel needed.

Two hours for the storm: CVSE, flagging, and traffic services are on standby. Airships are stationed at the Zopkios break control.

When the snow starts to fall, the US splits its boards, and chain operations are enabled.

Crews at ground floor change state information to DriveBC.

If avalanche risks are high and traffic volumes are high, a staging site will be set up at the Sowaqua outlets below Box Canyon. Bicycles are then held free from countries and countries as volunteers on the hill.

ORIGINAL: 6:45 o'clock.

Get out your eyes.

The Okanagan Delling waited Tuesday morning for a snow.

About two residents of the white matter fell over in Vernon at night, and the snow also falls in Kelowna.

Canada's surroundings call for more flurries, end this morning and a strange cloudy day.

Heights should hit zero, with a winch from -8 to tomorrow.

More snow has been seen for the first time, sometimes heavy, with accumulations of 10-15 centimeters.

A snowfall alert has been issued for mountain caves copying to the shore, with accumulations of 20 centimeters on all major routes as well as a low pressure system across the Southern B.C.

The snow is expected to limit Wednesday morning.

The community entered into a drink at Candy Cane Lane in & # 39; last month and reveled in Christmas eve and donated to those who are needed.

For the past eight years, dozens of homes in Rutland, on Collison Road, Gramiak Road and Mary Court, have all been delayed with their Christmas decorations, making their block in a winter wonderland.

Damjan Madjar, the man behind the moon event, brings a donation box every year in December, where visitors can spend it.

This year proved the most successful in the eight-year history of & # 39; The event – a 12,000 pound of non-destructive food was collected for the Kelowna Women's Shelter and Freedom by its Recovery House.

"The concessions that we received this year have supported the women and children who do not stay in service for months to come and mean that we can make some of the dollars" that can be used on other critical needs, & quot; Karen Mason, director of women's protection.

Tom Smithwick, director of Freedom's Door, also said that they were highly valued for their donations.

"All nights we were outside were completely full," said Madjar. "The women's protection also had to build an extra storage for us."

He says in the year-old history in Candy Cane Lane, they have collected about 57,000 pounds of food.

Alanna Kelly

UPDATE: 11 a.m.

A fire in a village house on Glenmore Road in Lake Country caused $ 200,000 in damage Monday night.

The firefighter Steve Windsor this morning updated the damage to the villages, after the estimates for earlier estimates were $ 50,000.

ORIGINAL: 6:25 pm

A mechanical Roman fire caused as much as 50,000 dirt in Lake Lake & # 39; at night.

Security officers respond to the fire on a strata unit on the 9100 block of Glenmore Road at 9:30 am.

Fire receiver Steve Windsor says, forces received a fire in the basement, which was created in mechanical appliances.

No injuries were reported in the event.

The Okanagan Rail Trail has only officially opened this official autumn trail, but ideas are already being set up to add to their landscape atmosphere.

The Lake Country District has a senior government funding in hopes of developing a cultural center and nature park alongside the railroad, on Woodsdale Road.

The initiative would be under profound paths, view pavilion, public art, increased vacation and meadow habitats and gathering spaces.

If the subsidy is completed, $ 2.6 million will come from the $ 4 million project cost of the old government. The goal is to make it a cultural center in 2020.

"This project presents an excellent opportunity for the Lake Country District and the Okanagan Indian Band to strengthen the positive and co-operative relationship," said Matt Vader, director of strategic and support services.

Kelowna Councilor Ryan Donn has taken the province to send to support his feet at the introduction of license.

During a discussion on another request from the provincial city administration, Donn showed his frustration over the decay of execution of driving licenses, such as Uber and Lift.

He said the lack of an alternative to tax service, and a shortage of cabs at peak times, put people's life at risk.

"We have children and young people who can't even get home at home," Donn said.

"I know most Christmas parties know most people do not get a ride home. This is not really an acceptable place to be.

With reports showing a large majority of British colonies to give driving reports, Donn says he would expect a government announcement in the autumn of & # 39; a service in the spring instead of another overview.

"I am terribly afraid that we should be in 2020 before it is as amazing, and that is not really acceptable.

"It is simply changing tactics to temporary tactics, we need to have this option as barrier-free as possible, but try not to take Uber and translate it into a tax, perhaps to lower the arrangements you have to tax administrators account for and still secure and flexible. "

This is not the first time Donn used his board platform to see his frustration.

The Council stated that the second letter should send to the province at & # 39; a meeting of Mondays.

The answer is included:

Grinzen – Dryers must have the flexibility to operate the entire region without restrictions as taxi drivers.

Question and offer – There should be no headers on the number of scripts. It would be a support of service in peak times.

Price – Managing should be as flexible as possible. In order to properly check, tables with advertising prices must be customized for travel being charged by a mobile app.

License – Class 5

Alanna Kelly

A Kelowna mother and seeker advocates channel monoxide detection in all Okanagan schools.

Tanya Miles says her biggest care gas is in portals like those at her Casorso Elementary School children.

"The worst thing that can happen is that a child is dying, poisoning or permanently injured," she said.

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs as the sensitive gas mingles and binds with hemoglobin in the blood. This result in less oxygen sent in the heart and heart.

The counselor counseling council says she received support for the idea.

She says that the detectors must be compulsory in all schools.

"We have asked questions, and what we have learned is that there is no sleep (quarter) in the school, it is not mandatory," she said.

School District 23 secretary treasure chest Eileen Sadlowski says plans are in place to get the detectors in all the tablets.

"We respect facilities, and our … system has monitors within the school," Sadlowski said. "Portals are outside."

A team of Saskatchewan hockey players was set up in an arena on Saturday after a carbon monoxide. And Carbon Monoxide Detectors are now required in all Quebec training institutes as Friday, after a leak at a school that sends 35 children and eight adults to the hospital.

"We are going to investigate what it costs to buy and install in all our tabletops," said Sadlowski.

The hope is to have them installed in March 2019.

"In the winter, people have thrown their shrubs, so the specimens are much higher," Kelowna Fire Department of firefighters Gayanne Pacholzuk said. They say that people should also have detectors in their homes.

It cost $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 to put them in all school stories in all school stories.

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