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WWE Survivor Series Rive Morgan, Enzo Amoredith Track


Morgan and Amore were created over the summer of 2017 before being separated during the summer, as confirmed by the star of Riott Squad on Twitter.

Since its launch in WWE, Amore has been trying to wrestle under the name Real 1.

He released today Liv a 30, 30 songs from his debut album Rosemary & # 39; s Baby Pt. 1: Happy birthday.

It is a dis track for Morgan that seems to have reacted with Twitter.

Morgan is not scheduled for the survivor series today, but is likely to be at the corner of her Riott Squad stablemate Ruby Riott.

"I can hold me in tonight's survivors series,

Lib Morgan

Enzo's lap track features lyrics that hit Morgan. "I was able to see the future with you, I am more mature than you, I have to do the best for you."

When the track fell, Morgan quickly responded to Twitter.

She wrote "Thank you, next time" and then the skull image was drawn.

The star then added: "Anyway, I can hold me in the survivor series tonight, Lib is life."

Lib Morgan

Survivor Series: Liv Morgan seems to have responded to Enzo Amore on Twitter. (Picture: INSTAGRAM / LIV MORGAN)

Amore withdrew from WWE after claiming he was not informing his boss that he was being investigated for sexual assault.

Police dismissed this case at the end of the year because there was not enough evidence. But Amore was not welcome.

He is one of the most popular tag teams with Big Cass, and they have been active solo in the summer of 2017.

Both stars are now released by WWE, and Cass leaves the company this summer just after returning from Shanghai.

Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore: The wrestler is now a rapper with the name Real1. (Figure: WWE)

Lee Boat Squad

RIOTT SQUAD: Liv Morgan's stablemate Ruby Riott will be on the ring at Survivor Series. (Picture: INSTAGRAM / LIV MORGAN)

Morgan joined WWE in 2014 and made his debut in Raw in 2017 as a member of the Riott squad.

Known for her trademark blue tongue she will compete against the red brand and support Ruby in the arena tonight.

Riott eats Raw for SmackDown as part of a 5-to-5 Women's Survivor series.

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