Thursday , April 22 2021

What is the secret in a pyramid on It Block?

With three important items being violated and new items being entered, the change to The Block went mostly unnoticed in one patch.

Replacing Looming Llama, & # 39; An Omega Pyramid will come more than the eye.

Written by DirectingPete leads to the description: "In this massive structure, to discover the secrets it does contain."

What these secrets are still unknown. There are no posts on any of the most important forums and I even and disappeared in & # 39; a pyramid to find something under the surface to find.

After breaking most of the lower level, I came to & # 39; a conclusion that we still have to wait for the secret to see for ourselves.

According to comments on a post by the creator of the pyramid, this pyramid is a family to preserve the world.

Wow! Thanks Epic for choosing my Block to go into the game! I'm so grateful! This is so !!! of FortNiteBR

Some will think that the pyramid changes form and that is the secret we are waiting for.

The inside of the pyramid is a kind of dance ball and maybe all secret commentary refers to it.

I believe there is something more to say about Epic saying they are "secrets" and the company has a flair for the dramatic in these situations.

Have you found anything in the & # 39; ordinary in & # 39; a pyramid? Let us know in the following comments:

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