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What Dana White means when he says Sage Northcutt is required work & # 39;


Just when the Sage Northcutt show began to make a few of its reactions, it seems like the UFC to save and annul.

Perhaps a better way to put it, the campaign promotion has not chosen for another season. Not exactly now, everywhere. And the explanation for that is very much telling, if not so much surprise.

As UFC president Dana White told the hosts of a podcast of # 39; UFC Unfiltered, the company left (Northcutt) announced that he had set up his existing contract on a triple winning streak.

"Sage is young, and Sage needs some work," said White. "Let him work in some other organizations, and we will see where this boy ends in a couple of years."

On the eve of this statement, this statement looks a bit surprising. North Kutt is now three years in the UFC. He is 6-2 in two different weight classes, with his final win by legitimating impressive TKO about Zak Ottow, the whole not the pocket was Northcutt's first opponents.

He is also, through the linear nature of time, older than he ever had. So how is his youth and now he's been experiencing no problem he was already three years ago, when he was younger and less experienced?

The answer is easy to understand for seasoned assessments of this sport. As often as it is, white does not know exactly what he says here. This is promoter-speaking, and it needs to be decoded to come up with the real explanation.

For starters consider how Northcutt came into the UFC. After recording of the first episode of Dana White's streaming website Dana White: Lookin for a Fight, he was signed for the UFC with a 5-0 record and just a year or pro.

He also received an unarmedly inexpensive contract, making an official payment report of $ 40,000 and winning another $ 40,000 in just his second battle with the UFC. (The man he got the night beat, Cody Pfister, made only $ 12,000 for his third battle with the promotion.)

Stuff if this has the attention of people. That also Northcutt's almost aggressive sedentary person. He had the Colgate lul. He had the spiky blonde here. He had the time and the corners. It was just like the UFC a certain kind of TV-friendly fighters ordered from central casting.

The fact that he was "discovered" was on his own show & # 39; s and was then paid more than most newcomers to fight opponents who were purely for their sharpness to consider only strengthening a certain kind of story. The UFC wanted Northcutt a thing, and therefore it would not be refused.

So when we were here, three years and eight martial arts later, while Northcutt was so young and too insufficient to go on in the UFC? It's simple, real. Odds are, we do not talk about the product as much as the price.

And, in rage, Northcutt's price tag is set up. In his final fight, there were official expenditures for public population, was a misuse of Mickey Gall in UFC on FOX 22 in 2016, his well-known payday loan was $ 40,000 to $ 60,000. That was just for a triple winning streak, which would probably pay further excursions.

After completing his contract on a winning note, it is hard to make that Northcutt deserves an important reminder to pay the UFC. It is also difficult to assume that the UFC decides that the ride was not the ticket price.

We see this for the UFC. Camping awareness always means to convince, of course, that the fighters are worth the following card us money. It is then that these fighters ask the UFC for more its money that begins to change the ridge.

That is how you need to get the next big thing to get more work and more experience. You know if your price is not.

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