Monday , June 14 2021

UFC Brooklyn Result: Henry Cejudo Remains T.J. Dillashaw in 32 seconds

The UFC on ESPN + 1 main time is just once again with the promotion of Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo successfully defeating his crown with a first round finish of "A Wonderful King T.J." Dillashaw.

Cejudo took the center to strike. Dillashaw, however, required himself to be in the process. Cejudo once was running at & # 39; s runway, the flyweight key didn't stop. Punch for punch connected for Cejudo, which is why Dillashaw is in a lot of trouble. The arbitrator had no choice but stepped in and stopped the fight.

Cejudo grabbed his flyweight for the first time in his career, and in his post-cancer intercourse he asked Dillashaw to put it back, but at 135 pounds for his girdle. Who knows what's next for Cejudo and what will be next to the Flyweight division of UFC?

Main event:

Henry Cejudo def. T.J. Dillashaw by TKO at: 32 or round 1: Bantamweight Title

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