Tuesday , May 11 2021

UCP supports Red Deer South nomination for the coming year, so Highly Proficient Individual & # 39; can walk

The United Conservative Party has embarked on its nomination race for Red Deer-South skating up to the next year to fit a "high profile individual" plan to run.

"This decision is not a reflection of the status of 'read' of [Constituency Association] or from party, & # 39; Read a memo of UCP director Janice Harrington to # 39; the council meeting on Friday.

"There are a number of highly qualified individuals who have presented their interest in nomination … By the importance of a highly profiled individual to look for the nomination, and also the Christmas season that comes quicker, The party has decided not to hold the nomination event until next year. "

The letter stated that the decision was made to provide the most qualified people a chance to deliver as possible to administer actors who have professional responsibilities that they have earlier in the election cycle not walk.

The UCP said the party will not comment further.

UCP director Jason Kenney has called for the election that will be held in the first week of March, but Prime Minister Rachel Notley remained aware of whether or not their government a foreign election or table calls a provincial budget.

According to legislation, the elections must be held in March, April or May 2019.

The letter states that the association ensures that the nomination does not conflict with the Canadian Games, where Red Deer hosts in February.

Read the memo to the members of the board under:

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