Wednesday , October 20 2021

Tony Khan says vaccination is not mandatory, most AEW stars are vaccinated


AEW President Tony Khan spoke to Bloomberg Business of Sports earlier this week and discussed how to deal with COVID vaccinations within AEW to prevent outbreaks among talent and staff.

Khan notes that although most of the roster is internal, it is not required within the company (h / t Fightful for the transcription).

“It simply came to our notice then [vaccinated] and we have encouraged people to do that, ”Khan revealed. “I have not introduced compulsory, but I have also strongly encouraged and introduced protocols to encourage everyone to do this, as it is much easier for the vaccinated people to get through the day and interact outside the ring.

“They just have to go through less stringent procedures and tests. We have definitely encouraged everyone to do this. Most of us are human. ”

Khan was then asked what (if anything) was done to motivate the wrestlers to get the vaccine.

“We have created a great backstage environment where people want to spend time together,” Khan said. “We have also established in-depth test protocols. Not being part of the strictest levels of testing and also having the ability to go out and do what you want and live your life as we did before without these protocols, makes it much nicer and more encouraging for the inmate. “

AEW goes to Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York this week for his Grand Slam editions of Dynamite en Rampage.

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