Wednesday , June 16 2021

Tiny Animals discovered in the Antarctic Sea deep below the ice

Scientists have made a surprising discovery in Antarctica: the cash register's of small animals have been found in but one deep below one kilometer (0.6 km) of Antarctic ice.

Scientists were in Subglacial Lake Mercer looking for life's need, although some smaller animals were "completely unexpected" according to David Harwood, a micro-palaeontologist at Nebraska-Lincoln University and part of # 39; e expedition. The subglacial Antarctic Seeside Scientific Access (SALSA) failed from earlier studies that show off the ice through radar and other remote technical techniques, through a gateway through the ice and into the water.

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Researchers used a half-day to bite through a kilometer of ice, creating a portal with a diameter of just 60 centimeters. Billy Collins / SALSA Science Team

The animals that have discovered the team in the underground but lie crusades and a tardigrad, also known as a water borne. Then they saw samples from just a microscope, they saw "what things they had seen as sharp spiders and crustacean things with legs … a few other things that they saw" that they can be ", Harwood told Science News. Strictly, some of those who were discovered, were landowners, such as the eight legendary tardigrade who lay a fierce bottom, and the creators who sought as worm were a plant or fungus rare that lived on the land.

The team believes that the creatures in pounds and streams are living in the Transantarctic mountain, which is about 50 miles from & # 39; a Lake Mercer. This was in a short hot period when the Antarctic glaciers returned to see the march – calculated in & # 39; last 10,000 years or a massive 120,000 years ago. It is unknown how & # 39; t the creatures are in & # 39; only in & # 39; a famous Antarctica, but it is known that when the warm season ended and colder temperatures returned in & quot; region, large role of ice formed at & # 39; a lake and preserved and isolated. It would be that rivers under the ice were scrubbed from the mountains to the lake, or the beautiful security would be replaced in a glacier and turned off from its mountain house.

This is the first time the life of this complexity was found beneath the ice sheet, as earlier studies found microbes in Lake Whillans, which are 31 miles from Lake Mercer, but never higher life.

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