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The Union can restrict Huawei's actions to help existing customers Reuters

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A woman looks at her television when she goes to a Huawei store in Beijing

By Karen Freifeld

(Reuters) – The US commission department said on Friday that the event could shortly be curtailed at Huawei Technologies, after this blacklist had just made it impossible for the Chinese company to serve existing customers.

The commission's committee, which had effectively set up Huawei efficiently to purchase private and component parts, considered providing a temporary general license to "prevent interruptions of existing network operations and equipment", said a spokesperson.

For example, potential beneficiaries of licensing may have internet access and mobile service providers in tin populated locations such as Wyoming and Eastern Oregon that bought in Huawei's last year's hardware system.

As a result, the commission has been instructing Huawei Committee to buy US goods, so that existing customers can help with the reliability of networks and services, but the Chinese company will not buy any American parts and components to buy new products. to make.

The potential rule role of redirecting changes to Huawei's delivery chains can have direct, risky and unintended consequences.

The blacklist, officially known as Huawei's scheduling at & # 39; an entity listing from & # 39; a commission company, this one or two efforts made by the Trump administration this week to visit a national security risk. In a governing body, President Donald Trump also effectively produces the use of his equipment in any of the United States telecom networks.

The United States believes that Huawei's smartphones and networking equipment can be used by Sina to spit America, judging that the company was ever rejected.

The latest commercial comes out if China has an aggressive tone in the United States trade script, a suggestion from & # 39; The talks between the two largest economies of the world would not be meaningful if Washington could not.

A spokesman for Huawei, the world's largest television maker, does not immediately respond to a comment request.

Out of $ 70 billion Huawei copied in 2018 to buy components in 2018, some $ 11 billion went to US companies including Qualcomm (NASDAQ :), Intel Corp. (NASDAQ 🙂 and Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ :). "If the committee's committee gives the license, US vendors would still need separate separate licenses to conduct a new case with Huawei, which would be very difficult to get," said the spokesman.

The temporary general license would read for 90 days, said, and would be placed in the federal registry, just as the rule that Huawei adds to your entity list will be published on Tuesday.

"The aim is to damage warranties on non-Huawei units using those devices," said Washington lawyer Kevin Wolf, a former official commission official.

The entity list contains Huawei and 68 affiliates in 26 countries to buy from American products and technology without licenses that are probably denied.

The title list finds favors that do not believe they are involved in activities that are against the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

In a definitive rule that is included on Thursday, the government has connected the Huawei entity to a criminal case against the Brooklyn, New York company.

US court trials dismiss the January pledge to earn the company to participate in bankruptcy to get embargo US commodities and services in Iran and replace money from the country through the international banking system.

Huawei main manager Meng Wanzhou, daughter of & # 39; a founder of & # 39; A company was linked in Canada in December to the prosecution, a move leading to a triangular diplomatic crisis that has the Union, China and Canada.

Mix, which it released on cafe, stays in Vancouver, and consists of broadcasts. She has kept her innocence, and Huawei has argued in New York in her direction.

Trump ordered other convictions in Meng's sentence sentence that he told Reuters he would intervene if it were to succeed.

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