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The biggest 2019 Oscar nominations snubs: Viola Davis, Ethan Hawke, Ryan Coogler and more

Actress Lupita Nyong, actor Michael B. Jordan, actor Danai Gurira and director Ryan Coogler will receive the Golden Globe Awards on January 6, 2019, at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 6.

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For some in Hollywood, Tuesday was a time to pop a couple of days of Champagne. For others, a chance to stumble upon amazement and bamboosel, Yes Rule style. It goes every year to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences advertising its Oscar nominations – there's so much love to go around. However, the names of the neighborhoods have been especially exciting this year. The Globe and Post present a different list of the most surprising snubs.

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Ryan Coogler, Black Panther: Doing so in the Academy's prior knowledge that it had entered a "most popular movie" prize will see a lot of & # 39; a movement as a scratchback Black panther – One of the most successful films of the year, by every multitude – would not get a "real" nomination. Why does the film have to give a clearly less – or answer? The Academy retracts and writes the prize, and finally, Black panther Hardly any place as one of eight best image nominees. But bizarre that no director Ryan Coogler got a cut for best director. Although Coogler's work highlights a game-changing moment in film-historical history – not only for comic book films, but on a variety of levels – it is perhaps now a smaller performance than, say, Adam McKay's bombshell and split job Vice. But what movie will we still have in & # 39; two decades & # 39; speaks time?

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Barry Jenkins, As Beale Street Could Call: Barry Jenkins' third function is all that Akademy's love is Green Book is not: beautiful, elegant, challenging and from an artist's thinking that he can fully talk about the problems that Peter Farrelly performs his movie to earn. However, Jenkins was moved his directorship, although he did not play a nomination for the most adaptive writing.

Damien Chazelle, first man: Neil Armstrong is likely to return to the productive controversy that befounded their patriotism soon after its debut from the Venice Film Festival. Give it a few years, though, and we'll ask why the KNAW misunderstood (or try to understand just a few technical needs) a four-star classic on human health, painful search for perfect.

Claire Foy, first man: Speaking of First man: It is not enough enough for Chazelle's NASA drama to escape most of the radar from the Academy, but without the Foy's handsome win over Janet Armstrong? (Not to mention their mother-line line: "You are a boy of boys!") That is the reason for a one-card label after the month.

Burning: This context of the foreign language nominees is administrative – good, except for the deleting inclusions of Roma, that's in this category twice in the category and the ultimate price, best image. (I'm already there Roma love, but mon.) But to go to Lee Chang-dong's masterful South Korean thriller is a general mission all.

Ethan Hawke, first reformed: The intent of 2018 actor speaks with his continuing desire to reach himself, and the industry is great. Nevertheless, the Academy could not see what Hawke has as a valuable presence, without the wishes of a Gotham Awards and the most important film criticism (New York, Los Angeles, Toronto). Her loss.

Toni Collette, Hereditary: A number of exceptions, horror movies shame academic voters right – as if, directly in & # 39; e movies altogether. Do it & # 39; t Collapse a Wonderful Actress Award at & # 39; s Fall A Gotham Awards was, which showed that Ari Aster's Hereditary can do with & # 39; pack of & # 39; e Academy publishers like The devil banner, Jaws and Get out. Collette also offered the benefit of a performance that would have worked just as easily in a family frame, just as its sad-hearted soul just happened to deal with supernatural powers. Eventually, the Academy has recovered from it.

Joaquin Phoenix, you were never again: Perhaps members of the academy are annoying, which may sometimes say the rumbling, ever-unpredictable Phoenix at & # 39; e stage, he would have an Oscar. But to miss its fully-invested work in Lynne's Ramsay's thriller is an error that is testing the generation academy (if you know it remains scandalous for a long time to survive).

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Elsie Fisher, eighth row: If the Golden Globes is doing some wrongdoing, then you know what's up. So, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated a best actress nomination for Elsie, the dynamic 15-year-old star of Bo Burnham's crazy-legal Eighth grade, there was clearer hope that the Academy could do the same. In & # 39; run from & # 39; a midday fished Fisher on Tuesday for the same disappointment, her character killed every day in her kill-or-corner school.

Viola Davis, a cast member in the movie "Widows", poses for a portrait at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto.

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Viola Davis, widgets: No Steve McQueen's Widows debuted in the Toronto International Film Festival, the stage was set for the director genre riff to dominate dominant season. The mixed mainstream audience has feelings of potential social commentary, and provides its great-name stars with opportunities to play for its own strength. (Liam Neeson, for example, can earn his career as a schoolgirl, while Brian Tyree Henry is enough room to be the heaviest of heavies.) But it is lead Viola Davis that doesn't dominate Widows, perfecting a simmering, starving cruel, she's shot in her career. In other words, the Academy just got murdered.

Don't you know my farm? and three identical Fridays: In one of the best years ever for documentaries – at least at the checkout – was it always a game of who's performing? But it's so shocking that two of the most critically recorded movies are of & # 39; a year (or story or doc) does not miss the ballot, especially for the Rogers movie Don't you know my farm? was a kind of explanation of just about everyone (even inclusive) explained by the beginning. Both one tears nearby. And get ready for an all-out campaign attacker prizes for the upcoming Tom Hanks-as-Mr.-Rogers feature A beautiful day in the middle of this year.

2019 Oscar nominations

The nominally best image is: "A star is born," "Roma", "Green book", "The favorite", "Black Panther", "BlacKkKlansman," "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Vice."

The nominations for best actor are Cooper, Christian Bale, "Willem", Willem Dafoe, "Rami Malek" and "Viggo Mortensen".

At best actress are Yalitza Aparicio ("Roma"), Glenn Close ("The Wife"), Olivia Colman ("The Favorite"), Lady Gaga and Melissa McCarthy ("Can You Always Forgive Me?") .

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The nominees for the best-supported actress are Amy Adams ("Vice"), Marina De Tavira ("Roma"), Regina King ("Beale Street Could Talk"), Emma Stone ("The Favorite") and Rachel Weisz ("The Favorite"). Tavira was a bit of an astonishment, while Claire Foy was out of the "first man".

In the field of the most supportive actress are: Mahershala Ali ("Green Book"), Adam Driver ("BlacKkClansman"), Sam Elliott ("A Star is Born"), Richard E. Grant ("Can You always forgive me? ") And Sam Rockwell (" Vice "). Mostly snubbed Timothy Chalamet ("Beautiful Boy").

Various Canadians also nominated nominations.

The category for best animated short contains the Pixar production "Bao" by Toronto-Domee Shi.

Also on this list is "Animal Behavior" by Vancouver's David Fine and Alison Snowden, and "Weekends" by Canadian director Trevor Jimenez.

In & # 39; run from & # 39; In time, the live action short film has two Montreal finalists – Jeremy Comte for "Fauve" and Marianne Farley for "Marguerite".

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Other Canadians for these golden statuettes this year are Paul Massey, "bohemian Rhapsody", and sets the decorator Gordon Sim back for "Mary Poppins."

Shi is the first female director for a Pixar short film helmet.

The eight minutes "Bao" is the story of an older Chinese woman who gets another chance in her mother's day when one of her dumplings comes to life.

Fine and Snowden are a man-and-movie film that won an Oscar in 1994 for best animated short for "Bob's Birthday".

"Animal Behavior" was created on the National Film Board of Canada and provides a comedy on animals in a group therapy session.

Jimenez is a storytelling artist for over 10 years, with companies including Disney Feature Animation and Pixar, where & # 39; he now works.

His film "Weekends" is set in Toronto in the 1950s and has hand-made animations.

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