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Tesla: + 453% Sales watch in Germany In March – Thanks, Model 3


Published on April 14, 2019 |
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April 14, 2019 due to Guest family

Originally, X Auto and EVANNEX.
By Iqtidar Ali

Model 3 has taken Europe by storm – especially to Norway's recent craziness for Tesla's lower price. Now, it also appears Germany in love with an American car that does not dispel the environment.

Tesla again reaches new car subscriptions in March 2019 with + 453% growth through model 3 deliveries (Source: X Auto via Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt / KBA)

Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) – Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany – has released new month registration statistics for the month of March, with technical figures that also increase growth annually (high-res card below). It appears that Tesla is the only company with threefold growth this year.

For the month of March, Tesla auto registrations expected + 453% compared to the same month last year and YTD grew to + 439.9%. Great was this pointed out when the Model 3 outfits began to arrive in February.

The total number of registered Teslas in March is 2.367. And, at the end of Q1 2019, the report now stands at 3,596.

With the second move starting from just one year, this trend is only higher. According to reports, the German inventory of Tesla Model 3 has almost disappeared – the company is waiting for new offers to come.

At all events, we will look at the new March March engine registration chart and YTD through Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA) to see how Tesla began to influence Germany's automotive sector.

New bike registrations stats in Germany for the month of March and January 2019; Also growing in comparison with the same period in 2018 (Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt / KBA)

Tesla's closest competition features Volvo, with a + 35.9% increase in new auto-registrations, which is ~ 12 times less than Tesla's numbers. Nissan's new car subscriptions are a -40% surprise. Note, this is a company that has ever shared an indirect EV brand with its Nissan Leaf, but now it seems to be traction.

Internal combi engine (ICE) and hybrid car manufacturers also lose ground in a German brand: Alpha Romeo (-33.1%), Honda (-38.2%), Land Rover (-19.1%) , Porsche (-34.3%), Toyota (-7.5%), and VW (-2.0%) are all down (Note: all figures are YTD 2019 by 2018).

Jaguar, despite the training and sales of its electric SUV I-PACE, still has a -14.2% loss in new registrations compared to Q1 2018. And Mercedes-Benz's own Germany holds a position of 0.2 % loss in new region registered.

Many factors could create the varying trends on old car drivers at a German market. However, it is likely to say that the Tesla Model 3 has (and will have) an important influence.

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