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Takeaways: R.J. Barrett made a hype at the heyday of his Duke debut.


Before it was confirmed, only a few possibilities were needed: R.J. Barrett is absolutely the real deal.

An 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ontario, made his NCAA debut at Kentucky in a showdown with Kentucky after making his NCAA debut at the Duke of Kentucky, and followed him for two better parts. age.

Barrett scored 20 goals in the first half, and the Blue Devils made a mark in the courtroom, flicking his progressive game because he had done an easy job in Kentucky.

Here is Barrett's debut college game and the explosive victory of Duke's 118-84 season.


There is no fan of Duke supporters and more college students who hate Blue Devil publicly. Frankly, it does not matter which camp you are in. This team has already reached a situation that must be watched.

The team got a quick start from the opening tip and never slowed down. Because some college teams have accumulated this season, they have done many highlights overnight.

The first impression was as follows.

Barrett and his fellow fifth-grader, Zion Williamson, went one step further. They were taken away and pushed into the ball with purpose. Duke got 59 points in half time. The vitality and mobility of Duke's stars was a clear advantage.

It's a horrible concept given that Kentucky is on the other side with a list of top recruits and elite athletes. The long stretch of the game felt like watching the intense 2019 NBA drafting combined scrum. Barrett & Co., however, completely overwhelmed his opponent from start to finish, gained 34 points and gave John Calipari the most unscrupulous loss of NCAA coach career.

Duke's damage is not about crime. They also posted 10 thieves in Kentucky and 15 devastated car washes to create Blue Devil's transition.

The system weight can be a lot less fun to watch court milk products that can provide a milky-to-the-shot-college basketball feel. Needless to say, this Duke team is a noticeable exception.

Barrett's breakout

There were many impressive moments of Barrett in his first game. Choose.

For example, there was a dribble behind this off-the-run away, making it a tough first-round layup with off-hand.

Or on the following property from the rugged coast to the coast Finish in the rim:

The top recruits scored in a variety of ways, succeeding in reaching the basket and finishing near the hoop. He scored 50 points in his debut debut with a Duke third –

Barrett is effective in a variety of situations, whether on half-court courts, in fast-paced runs or on-the-fly during a hardball game. He read the court well, opened six assists and calmly jumped over the two-man team.

What really stood out was his strength. He seemed to have named several defenders when he had a ball under the basket. He missed the chance, but he actively moved around the muscles that were active in the hoop and around him.

The force also helps Barrett to control Barrett as he puts the ball on the floor and attacks the rim, making it confusing.

The night before Jamal Murray's 48-point explosion was another signal to remind Canadian's rising basketball talent. Barrett had the opportunity to exert extraordinary talents and had the opportunity to take control of the stage as he felt it was important.

If Barrett already has a good record, where will his game be in six months? How was 6 years?

Iron Lion Zion

On a big night of Barrett, William Silverson became a mixed tape legend in high school with an Internet sense of building up two million Instagram followers.

Williamson is a pre-defined whim Perhaps the most explosive bunker in NCAA history. No, really. He is in conversation.

He is 6 feet 7 inches, 285 lbs, and boasts an unthinkable 45-inch vertical leap. In summary, Williamson was as tall as Kawhi Leonard and 20 pounds heavier than Jonas Valanciunas, but as high as Zach LaVine.

He is a physical anomaly and the most obvious highlight-generator in 10 years.

Williamson will end with 28 points and seven boards, blinking the long-range jumper and be the closest to coming to the nearest NBA court.

Zion appears to be a star to him. So is Barrett. Yes, it's just one game, but you can not feel like watching an iconic duo as they watch the princess on the court.

At some point in the second half, Barrett and Williamson were almost in favor of the Kentucky team. And Wildcats scored 47 points in Kentucky's 51 points, earning a high score in the nation's rankings.

Barrett and his co-stars all have pretty much the same talent, so there will not be more nights like Tuesday night before having a separate approach on the NBA next Tuesday.

Enjoy while you last.

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