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Support available to local residents who live with deminia – Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

No one in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, and the surrounding area should only reach the demmenia.

Alzheimer's disease and other diamonds affect thousands of British colonies, but ask to ask for the diagnosis, may be challenge, and families often have nothing to do.

Therefore, the Alzheimer Society of B.C. offers the First Link Dementia Helpline (1-800-936-6033) in Ashcroft-Cache Creek and on the province.

A telephonic telephone line, the First Link Dementia Helpline, is for everyone who lives with it or is a care partner for someone who has done so.

It is also for people who have their memory, people who are working with people who live with demotion, or one member of the public who knows more about it .

"Someone else can invoke her, because she's starting to make changes to herself or someone who's close to them and is learning more about the warnings and how to get a diagnosis," says Tara Hildebrand , Support and Educational Coordinator for the Alzheimer's Society of BC's Central Interior Resource Center.

"Most calls are caregivers who need to know who to call or where to run. We're leading them to services that help them build the skills and trust to come with deminism. "

Deanne Matthews named the helpline over a year after her mother Barb was diagnosed with dementia, as she and her sister are beginning to communicate changes in their mother's ability.

"We realized that this was what had to be done," Matthews says. "We were looking for the long term, and had to start deciding to keep my mother still telling them what they wanted."

The helpline is also a source for people who don't feel very much because of fear.

"They're the people who aren't reached at all until it's a crisis," says Hildebrand. "We take care of them by scenario & # 39; and help them understand how they can react to people who & # 39; re living with demotion."

Axis-cache Creek residents who call the helpline are associated with the full range of services offered by the Alzheimer's Society's First Dementia Support, including support groups, municipal wells, and training workshops for every stage of travel.

First Link provides education as "Carrying out a journey: living with dementia", a six-week series that Matthews can participate with her mother.

"It made us all help," she says.

Matthews and her mother also participate in Minds in Motion, a Social and Fitness Program for People in & Early Internship at & # 39; a disease to live with her care partner.

Whether or not a person calls the First Link Dementia Helpline, Hildebrand says that the goal is always the same: "Be sure they get the support they need".

Axis-Cache Creek residents who are trying on diamonds can call the First Link Dementia Helpline (1-800-936-6033) or visit They are encouraged to talk to their healthcare provider or help you with First Support dementia support.

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