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Stranger Things Boss is the repayment of classic real criminal criminal misfortunes for Netflix

Shawn Levy at night at the premiere of & # 39; a museum 3

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Stranger Things & # 39; executive producer Shawn Levy and Netflix bring a refund of long-running true criminal investigator type Youthful Mysteries, expanded it between 1987 and 2010.

Levy will collaborate with original production company Cosgrove-Meurer Productions on the paranormal focus documentary series, wrote Deadline.

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The new series will look at 12 routes, after the original documentary show is from "The show" and focuses on unearthed convictions, murdered people and paranormal events.

What difference this time is that each branch to develop one mystery, while the original show was in multiple cases at the same time.

The original producers of the crime program look at & # 39; e sure to lengthen the series and watch as Netflix is ​​just the right place for them.

The order of the new paranormal series is the last collaboration between Levy and the floating platform after two major successful seasons. Stranger Things.

& # 39; Stranger Things & # 39; 2.7, & # 39; The Lost Sister & # 39;


Fans wait patiently waiting Stranger ThingsThe coming third season, and co-creators, the Duffer Brothers are hard at work four season.

Although Levy originally intended the series to end after four seasons, he would later still have a fifth season.

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Talk to EW, Say Levy in Time: "Hearts were breaking into Netflix headquarters when they sound the brothers four seasons as an official end, and I was again calling our agents.

"The truth is we at last four seasons [sic] and there is much the possibility of a fifth. In addition, I think I think he thinks.

Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch now on Netflix. SEason 3 returns to Netflix on July 4, 2019.

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