Tuesday , November 30 2021

Still want to come to the Gray Cup? It will cost you


The Ottawa Redblacks are already there, but if you want to make a spontaneous trip to the Gray Cup, you will be counting on bank checks as a linebacker.

There are still labels available, but your window to come close is closed quickly.

There come

Flyers are a big amount if you want to venture on this adventure.

Tourists between Edmonton and Ottawa have been sold, but from now on you can make the trip either Westjet or Air Canada.

The worst expensive flight we were between the two cities was WestJet for $ 1,196.81.

You can pack your wheels with red and black plugs and just jump on a flight for 7 p.m. Saturday evening in Ottawa to come midnight in Edmonton.

You are returning Monday night – likely to party or win the win – and come in the first hours of Tuesday.

Air Canada can return you immediately, but it will cost you $ 1,390 and there are small permits in Calgary, which would be unusable Calgary Stampeders are opponents of Ottawa.

You can also ride if you are so inclined, but it will take you 36 hours to come to Edmonton and there is no one to stop for rest or anything.

The latter can leave you theoretically, is Saturday morning, but if you look seriously, you will be able to go on a road if you can.

And upgraded to granola bars.

How are your brighter efficiency? (Google Maps)

Where to stay

The Horse of Calgary Stampeders Tuffy Could Not Get Into The # The lobby of Chateau Lacombe will play, but there are no chambers for the horse or for the coming weekend.

Many other downtown channels have been redeemed and people near the stadium have not delivered a vacancy representative.

Two options have arisen: the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald can make room for you at this time. Two nights in one of the finest hotels of & # 39; The city will reset your $ 1,569.

You will be right in the middle of & # 39; The Gray Cup Festival website and a short LRT travel to the Commonwealth Stadium.

Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium is located northeast of 'downtown' in & # 39; the neighborhood. (Josee St-Onge / CBC)

The Edmonton Plaza coastline has a few blocks and has to leave some rooms, but the two-night stay would return your $ 1.122.

Hypfully you have a tempting or an academic friend in central Alberta with a comfortable couch.


This would be a fine if you do not get cards for the great game.

The good news is still available tickets, although the deliveries seem to be.

Ticketmaster, the official Gray Cup seller, had tickets or Thursday evening started at $ 154 and reached $ 375.

Deposits such as Kijiji and StubHub also provide labels.

The cheapest available available were $ 100 per ticket and the sustainable were good at $ 1,000.

There are still Gray Cup tickets available, but get on the great game of Ottawa now. (Katie Boyd)

In Gray Cup ticket you can also download Edmonton's LRT system for the game, saving $ 3.25 anyway.

Always, the cheapest options CBC can find you return $ 2.500 without food or beer.

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