Sunday , April 18 2021

Spotify app code contains photos of hardware offering ‘Car Thing’

After the device first appeared in FCC sign-ups in January, a recent excavation by the Spotify iOS app code revealed images of the “Car Thing” – Spotify’s voice-controlled music and podcast assistant, as found by MacRumors employee Steve Moser.

The unveiled images show a wildly different design from the small circular screen with a side panel Spotify originally unveiled as the Car Thing back in 2019.

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There has been radio silence on the subject for almost two years, but it seems that Spotify has been working hard on developing its first hardware offering and is now close (?) To thinking about a launch.

The new design has a much larger, rectangular screen, not unlike that of your average smartphone, with a large control button and a smaller button on one side.

The images also show a number of mounting mechanisms for the Car Thing, allowing users to attach the device to the dash or a vent in their car. The Car Thing is Bluetooth-enabled for connection to head units in the car and can be plugged into a 12V outlet.

The device also seems to support navigation so far, possibly thanks to Spotify’s partnership with Waze.

Spotify originally made the Car Thing as a test device and had no intentions of launching it. However, it seems that has changed. What prices for the device will look like when we actually see a launch remains to be seen.

Studying the Spotify app code further revealed that paid subscriptions for podcasts are going to the platform soon, about the same time as the launch of Spotify’s Anchor podcast creation tool.

The app code also points to an ability to respond to podcasts for both listeners and makers coming soon.

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