Wednesday , July 28 2021

Spaceil works on a Second Lunar Lander, despite the saving of readiness

SpaceIL plans to drive land Rubbish space factory on the surface of a month failed when controllers lost communication. For problems, the problem created a photo down & # 39; downhill, and then it was about 489 meters above the month's surface, losing control.

The plan was to have the first private funded spacecraft that had the mouth. Also to measure the local magnetic field and create a laser retroreflector array, NASA made to help with light. They have chosen a landing area called the Sea of ​​Serenity, and the site was flat and suitable for the arrival.

The whole mission that's costing Israel is costing $ 100 million, and we can now say that the country is part of the four of you & # 39; a piece of machines & # 39; one month, to U.S., China, and the Soviet Union.

SpaceIL works on a second month lender, despite the Failure of the Bereavement

Nevertheless, even if the mission was not as planned, the board decided to give another shot. Even the prime minister of Israel has declared that the mission was not a failure, and if it does not succeed the first time, they must try again. Morris Khan, sponsor of the Beresheet spacecraft mission, was very proud of their inventions and efforts.

In addition, Morris made a recent announcement that the team is going to build a different Residential Land, and this time, the mission will tell. The team started working on a new month on April 14, but other details were not provided.

But what change do they make for the new Beresheet? We can't tell if the space manufacturer is identical to the previous model, if it functions the same, or they will exploit everything if we think the first model had failed on the communicative part and the engines were cut off.

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