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Source: Google Hangouts was closed in 2020

According to the source known to the internal map of the product, the Google Hangouts will terminate the consumer sometime in 2020. That is not overwhelming because Google has developed more than a year ago on development. e app. But just knowingly, going in 2019, this is your last year to keep up with the love (?) Old chat app.

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The last time Google gave his pivot for hanging Hangouts to use companies with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts, so writing a couple of hours on the wall removing the consumer from Hangouts. Meanwhile, Google has consumed its consumer expectations efforts for RCS Chat & # 39; and Android messages transferred to Allo's misadventures.

With Google's order of app's in-process development and its deserved end-time, many are already out of use. But Hangouts is still the prominent chat option in Gmail in the Web site and the app remains on the Google Play Store up to now. Many recent viewers say that the app is signs of age, assessments of bugs and performance.

As announced, Hangouts will live as a brand with G Suite's Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, the former intention to compare a comparison of team communication with Slack, and the latest one video games platform. Meanwhile, Google Voice has called on the first independent independence and then been integrated into Hangouts, previously initially added to its own recent apps app.

Interestingly, despite its upcoming release, Hangouts was one of some apps to get strange support for Android Auto's new new MMS and RCS functionality, besides Android-Messages and WhatsApp.

9to5Google's Take

The closure of Hangouts has come a long time, so everything, his retirement is still over a year, which is so surprising. I would say that his actual user numbers are still very important that Google has an initiative to build a real messaging alternative, Allo, flapping. Meanwhile, chat & # 39; RCS initiative that Google's guiding is still not ground.

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