Wednesday , May 12 2021

Sick of all bullets: Grande Prairie video's video of his work at Walmart goes viral

EDMONTON – On Thursday morning, Jackson Racicot went to Walmart in Grande Prairie, where he worked with his resignation letters, written on the back of his thought that the irony did not save him.

He went to the assistant director, handed her the letter, and then went over the intercom. First, he switched the camera to his phone and was then inserted into # 807 and started talking.

"Attention to all shoppers, associates and managers, I would like to say, to all of you today that no one would work here."

His video footage, which he simultaneously has with a "must see", has since stocked more than 16,000 views and has received more than 400 times. Racicot says he keeps in a dramatic way to make a conscious effort on working problems that employers work in a company like Walmart.

The video, made from a scarcity, tells Racicot to interact with the management style of Walmart and why he was.

"I've been a loyal worker for a year and a half years and I am sick of all the bulls, bogus writers and my job," he says in the video.

He curses at the board, the job and Walmart before it hangs, which is followed by a "woo" listening to the background.

The 17-year-old says that he decided to place the video because he did not want people to go to Walmart more.

"I want people to start looking," he said.

Since publishing the video Racicot says he is present with Walmart employees from all over Canada who share his experiences with the multinational trading post.

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