Friday , April 23 2021

Shed Fire at Burnaby Mountain near Tank Table

A big blow was given to Burnaby Mountain without it.

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A fire, but a few hundred meters from the Trans Mountain petrol station in & # 39; A Metro Vancouver, was a few hours before it included some three boxes of firefighters.

Burnaby Fire Department Deputy Chief Dave Samson said she was called at 8 o'clock. Blowing sun to & # 39; puts in a great equipment lookup for a demolition company.

"Our crews found a large holiday for heavy-duty vacation from all sides and they explained defensive mode, meaning no interference fixes were in place."

Samson said the fire was about 230 meters from the closest fuel, while the fire was not spread to the area of ​​grass pass or other dwellings.

The building is in ownership adjacent to a narrow gray area at & # 39; Trans Mountain settings where 13 huge tanks of high oil and refined products keep the distribution.

The location of the fire was & # 39; a top of the water region, and Samson said they were creating some water problems in & # 39; a fight from blowing.

He said they knew the safety of Trans Mountain as a precaution, but there were no "fires of all the fires that speak outside the building complex."

Samson said she didn't know what was going on in the fire, but there were machines in the building and burned by the fire, there was some fuel in it.

The building was partly brought together, and to the owner of the building has a demolition company, she brought their dredge to help with the fire guard, he said.

No one was awakened and the cause of the fire is unknown.

A woman who lives directly across the street of the fire described the bladder as "beautifully spectacular", saying spears from the fire were written above the tall trees on possession.

The woman, who does not want to be called, said that the fire was "alarmingly close" to the firewood factory.

Trans Mountain is planning to expand the site, doubling the number of storage tanks, preparing for the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline ending in the installation at Burrard Inlet.

A 2015 message by Burnaby, Deputy Firefighter Chris Bowcock, researching the pledged extension, tells the terminal in a suitable development location to "do the" important conflicts in a type of fireworks and fireworks ".

The report conceals the firearms as the main concern because of the paved area around a tanker family, say if the tanks fought fire, it could be that important property and forest have disappeared before a fire could be checked.

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