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Richard Oland looks like happy to see his son Dennis hours before being murdered


Chris Morris, The Canadian Press

Announces Thursday, November 22, 2018 12:16 pm AST

Last Updated Thursday, November 22, 2018 1:48 PM AST

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – On the day he was murdered by death, multimillionaire expert Richard Oland was recruited to work in his Sint Johannesburg and asked his only son, Dennis, in # 39; to discuss the genealogy and the family tree of Oland.

Seven years later Dennis Oland is in second place for the death of his father's death. the problem, and the lawmakers have told the court the motive was.

Maureen Adamson, director of assistant Richard Oland in the 39th day of his death, was on Thursday at the time during the two days of his death. The Oland murder murdered on Thursday, referring to the daily routine of the office in downtown St. John, which includes Dennis's father's money track.

She was the first to find the body on July 7, 2011. Oland, 69, was 45 times lower, mostly on & # 39; the head, with a weapon that was never found.

Adamson said that Dennis was interested – just pansies of $ 1.666.67 in a month on a loan of more than half a million dollars Richard Oland had expanded while Dennis was a whole financial center because of divorce several years earlier .

Under Controversy of Defense Lawyer Michael Lacy, a new member of the United States Defense Team, wrote Adamson what she knew about the relationship between father and son, said she was not a sign of # 39; showing a thrilling and stormy relationship called by the police.

Adamson said that Dennis Oland was not a frequent visitor to his father in St. John's city, but then he was later sent to & nbsp; the day of July 6, 2011 – the day of the murder – Richard Oland was pleased to see him.

"It was an animated hello, a & # 39; Hey Dennis, & # 39; they said about Richard Greetings of # greetings of the man who was then accused of his murder was.

"He is pleased to see him."

Adamson said that both of these researchers were investigating Dennis was priorities in the family tree, which returned to his roots in Great Britain. The islands are one of the most famous companies in & # 39; The Maritime, where they have been involved in the breed beer since the 19th century.

Richard Oland was a former director of Moosehead Breweries in St. John, although he left the company in the early 1980s. Adamson said he was as $ 37 million.

On the day of her murder she quickly dismissed Dennis Oland's arrival at 5:30 o'clock. From that moment on, father and son were only in the office.

Dennis said he left a few after 6:30. and returned to his house in Rothesay, in # 39 rust of & # 39; the city. He told the police that his father was good when he came out and he was silent, he is innocent of 's crime.

Adamson said they thought the father and son would find it well.

"In addition to the ordinary murmurs, most people with family members … I thought they'd find good," said Adamson. "I did not see the stress I heard about later (in the first test)."

Dennis Oland, 50, was appointed in 2015 by a second degree farewell to his father after a long jury trial. This belief was decided in 2016 and called for a new challenge.

The second jury procedure was explained earlier this week. Justice Terrence Morrison of New Brunswick Court of Queen Bench refers to "gossip" in the jury selection process. It came out to coordinate a police officer from St. John of Crown Corps that access to an internal police strike for researchers in a statement by a director of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The crown was not involved in the wrong search terms and promptly promoted the defense and the judge. The problem is only heard by Morrison.

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