Sunday , June 13 2021

Resident Evil 2 demo gives two million player capitals

You or not

Resident Evil 2One-shot demo gives players half an hour and a few stressful chances to grab the unprotected police. It's a great concept for a horror game demo, especially one with many pent-up excitement and deploying as Capcom's rap and acquisition 2019 remake.

The demo looks like a recipe for success, based on data that & # 39; t collects the Capcom, Resident Evil 2 is already gone to a PhD. More than two million players worldwide have taken their shots.

The current demo gameplay from & Demo is at an impressive 2.08 million. Yes, some of these players may be duplicate, but at the same time, the character only takes people who have agreed to follow their data from You should prevent a non-insecure number of people from being checked.

In the past as interesting, the demo is perfect 27 percent. I am in that group, but I would be hard-pressed to take more risk. I played so efficiently that I had more time to absorb the ambition.

Resident Evil 2 Global Stats [Resident Evil via reddit]

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