Friday , April 23 2021

Report: Chris Brown looks at Sue Accuser to Paris Arrest over Hotel Rape Accusation

Due to Martin Holmes.

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Police officials have confirmed that Chris Brown was admitted to a suspicious report in Paris, France.

The singer is accused of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman in his hotel room in Paris last week. According to the publication of the publication in & # 39; Closer, the woman also said that she failed from Brown's bodyguard and a friend of the executor.

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The woman told police she handled Brown in one nightclub and he returned to his hotel room along with another woman. But according to her testimony, when she arrived at the hotel, she only saw in a room with Brown, there she said she was being robbed.

One police officer told the Associated Press that the complaint was filed in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Braun and two other men were confirmed on Monday and are still investigating the debt in a house as police.

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The "Loyal" singer has been trying for years for problems in some legal problems, always guilty of the offense of late-girl Rihanna. In 2015 he completed a problem.

He is also linked to another sexual attack in North America, where he is judged to be perhaps cocaine and other drugs at a party to his Los Angeles home; a woman has evidence that she is sexually wounded by one of Brown's friends.

After the news of his judgment, Braun took in Instagram to explain in non-reliable terms that his defamation "lies" that the reward is confirmed "false and a lot [crap]. "

The approach he adds "is so unpleasant and is against my nature and morality".

Now, Brown tells his rapist Raphael Chiche again TMZ the singer pleads to seek legal action against his shareholder. "Chris Brown is free. No judges were placed against him. He has strong powers against him," said Chiche. "A complaint for guilty announcement will be made tomorrow with the public price of Paris."

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