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Prince Philip & Veri DIFFICULT & # 39; relationship with Prince Charles Charles EXPOSED | Royal | News

In 1948, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had their first child, Prince Charles, married to them. Then Princess Anne, who was born one year after her brother Charles, came. In 1960, the couple named another son, Prince Andrew, and, in 1964, Prince Edward.

According to sources near the royal family, the children did not find much time with their parents raised and Prince Charles in particular no good relationship with his father.

The Prince of Wales described the Prince Philip as "hard" and "hears" and the Duke of Edinburgh converted in an interview that he and Charles have two different figures in how they see things.

In & # 39; a documentary of & # 39; A Prince Philip – A King Among Princes, Knowledgeable Correspondent Robert Jobson named the fact that Prince Philip did not grow "serious role models", some of a "handicap" in & # 39; e Prince Charles & # 39; .

Author Penny Junor named: "The Duke of Edinburgh does not have his son.

"He doesn't understand.

"He had a very tough relationship with Charles.

"They haven't even talked to normal father and son."

Mr Jobson Attached: "Perhaps Prince Charles had always been pleasantly surprised.

"And the fact that he could no longer make a home from his marriage to Princess Diana was at least as much of his son's fault as his daughter-in-law."

Prince Philip's disappointment in his son's story with Camilla Parker Bowles has become known in letters of support sent to Princess Diana.

In letters, the Duke of Edinburgh gave the Princess of Wales his full support and got the Prince Charles, who seduced him to help the wounding of their marriage.

The letters say: "I can only repeat what I have said before.

"When I invite I will always do my table to bring you and Charles to the best of my advantage, but I am free to concede that I have no talent or a marriage advisor.

"We have no judgment of any of you with issues.

"Charles was immediate to do everything for Camilla for a man of his position."

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