Friday , May 7 2021

Portal 3 Hints found in Counter-Strike Battle Royale Mode – Game Rant

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Valve is back to its old shenanigans, it seems, of course, to ask another possibility to ask: Is this a Easter Egg or Valve hint on a sequel? What appears to be the start of an ARG is found on the map Counter-Strike: Global Offensive& # 39; T new royal mode Dangerous zone. This puzzle, directly and indirectly, is connected Portal. According to Valve's history of ARG's and their fancy adaptation for speculation, it's just not worth earning that rats have overwhelmed over a potential Portal furthermore.

This last week saw the release of a long rumor Dangerous zone The royal mode Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The card is not special big, if it's a 16-18 game ruler, so it's no surprise that this Easter Egg has so soon found. On & # 39; s side of & # 39; The map is a hotel with four rooms along the upper floor. The third room is stored and unplugged externally with the "3" room number located on the ground. This would be a random replay that Valve's consciousness of "Valve Can not Count to Three" meme, but a passage of # 39; The second room in the third room leads to much more doubts.

In this third room, a difficult matras on a ground and a desk with the computer household is handled. Players who wait for this screen for a few minutes will then hear a secret message: some musicians, a woman who speaks a code, a different set of musicaltones, with a strange language the & # 39; 39; incomplete in & # 39; the background in & # 39; the period of the message. This message, then dropped out, read, "This was a triumph. I make a note here: Highlight."

The translation of the coded message Counter-Strike: Global Offensive& # 39; S Dangerous zone folder marks the end of what is further reinforced by course as an ARG. The answer to the coded message is a Glados digit and three of the hotel that has been blocked from the idea that this is a teaser for a potential Portal furthermore. Certainly, this is an agreement, but proof is to understand what it is.

After that conclusion it seems like there is more to find within the Dangerous zone map. It would not be ARG if it was just one Easter egg. Players have already gone through the decision of the card, the screen of # 39; the darkest corners of the card, and while the next step of & # 39; The puzzle is still detected there are still more obvious hints. For example, a bookspoon with an artificial piece of a few rides had reversed its color to see a series of mysterious numbers.

In summary, within the map Counter Strike& # 39; S Dangerous zone mode, in Easter Egg reference to Valve's previous problems with the number three leads to a coded code with a Portal quote. Internet connections are hard on the work that extracts material that may or may not be an ARG. Valve also runs an ARG that tackles Portal 2, this is a very common case for valve, is the same thing for a new one Portal match.

Valve is known to work actively on multiple games, including at least one title for one player and several VR games. Or those games see the light of day

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