Saturday , December 4 2021

Phil Spencer: Services like the Xbox Game Pass may not be a distribution standard.


Xbox Game Pass plays an important role these days. There is always a rumor surrounding Microsoft services. Ranging from the emergence of new games to the possibilities of subscriptions beyond what we know so far.

What role does the Xbox Game Pass play in Microsoft's future? Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, talked to LevelUP about the future of game distribution and his relationship to the Xbox Game Pass.

Spencer considers the X Game Pass or similar game a big mistake and is the main access to the game for fans. In that sense, he said: "No, I think it's a bad decision for the players. We have made great strides through Game Pass, and we have millions of subscribers, but we can buy all games on Game Pass. I think it's a good way to do it if you want to create a title library when you buy it. If you want to build a library with a monthly subscription service, that's a great way. I really like the facts. "

Later, Spencer talked about the best features of the Xbox Game Pass. "What I like about Game Pass is that people who participate in the service are playing more games before they become Game Pass subscribers, they are doing genres that I have not tried before (…) The number of players has increased significantly. "

Recent news has confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass service is also available on PCs.

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