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Pete Davidson has moved out of his mother’s basement

‘I’m completely out. I have a pad. ”

Pete Davidson has officially moved out of his mother’s basement and into a luxurious high-rise apartment.

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“I just moved out of my mom’s house,” he said as he unlocked the door of his new apartment. ‘I’m completely out. I have a pad. ”

The comedian bought a $ 1.2 million apartment at his mother’s house on the North Shore of Staten Island, according to the New York Post.

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The house has two large bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a beautiful patio, and has a panoramic view of Manhattan.

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Davidson previously lived in his mother’s basement after buying the $ 1.3 million Staten Island home for his mother in 2016.

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‘It’s a joint effort. We got a house together, ”Davidson previously told Jimmy Kimmel about living at home with his mother.

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“I live under them … so yeah. I’m getting an arcade down there,” he said. “Tryna make it a little mine.”

Davidson may now have an apartment he can call his own, but we will always have the memories of that time when he gave an in-depth tour of his “apartment / basement at his mother’s house in Staten Island.”

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