Thursday , April 22 2021

Party Bar: Mesmerizing moment meter stays in the sky

The raised moment is a meteor blocked by the night time recorded on webcam.

Andy Steven, 54, went home as he was a gleaming light over the space of space.

It took place over the Shetland Islands last Friday at 7.28pm.

Andy, originally from Edinburgh, was 12 kilometers from the village of Sumburgh in far south of & # 39; An archipelago was the spectacle.

The independent digital seller said: & # 39; I saw it when I walked in & # 39; the dark area to the north – it started me.

& # 39; The awesome light directed right across the sky for my windmills. & # 39;

The light appeared so close, and gave him a fright, he slammed on his brakes.

Andy, you & # 39; t the islands & # 39; Shetland Webcams site runs, said: & # 39; I hit the brakes on my car, happy was no one behind me. & # 39;

When he arrived at home, he heard other islanders reasoning about the meteor online, looking through the footage of two cameras on the island of Sumburgh and cliffs.

He said: & # 39; I immediately realized that it was what in & # 39; the atmosphere of Earth. It was very clear and did not appear very far away.

& # 39; I asked myself if the camera was recording it and then & # 39; I got home to view the recordings and put them online. & # 39;

Shetland Webcams, designed in 2010, included the northern lights and pods of orcas, but Andy was surprised by the latest movie. & # 39; It's almost the first time we've had a fireball, & # 39; he said.

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