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Out of Immigration, the Conservative & # 39; Hip & # 39; to Make: Andrew Scheer travels boarding house in Toronto

On a Toronto Toronto Saturday night event, Mark Walsh makes it clear to Andrew Scheer that climate change is an important issue, and it is not enough for the Conservative Party to justify a policy such as copper taxation.

"Where & # 39; we want, we need a positive message," said Walsh, a conservative support, who lives in North Toronto.

Walsh was part of a kind hearted of hundreds who were up-and-down roads and bitter colds to listen to Sheer, no written questions answered on a wide range of issues.

The event was open to the public, although most of the people present were conservative supporters who received emails about the town hall. Thornhill MP Peter Kent told the public that 1,200 registered for the event, although the current habitation was less than half that.

Shave was not the same as the hostile elements or random hackers who had treated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his town halls.

But some members of the public have expressed the desire to present details about the platform of a party for a federal election later this year. The event also provided some of the challenges – and opportunities – sharply with the request of various demographic and important groups.

Some of the theme & # 39; s that were on Saturday night, were not related to typical conservative talk points. For example, some questions were asked about the environmental policy of one party.

Scheer has also re-created on a copper tax, saying that it is not an environmental plan, but a cash register. For his own party plan, he provided some details, saying that if it was fired, "individual carts would call".

Added the question

The first question of a night came from a Muslim neurologist and conservative party that asked for Scheer's policy to conquer Canada's embassy in Jerusalem. The debtor added that some members of a Muslim community had confronted "hardships under the Harper government" and had a hard time defeating them.

He also gave his worries that the final deputies had demonized his religious.

See if Scheer makes his pitch to several municipalities:

Conservative leader makes his stand on young voters. 3:49

About the embassy question, Scheer did not ask. He said that the conservative Jerusalem recognized as the capital of Israel, an answer that applauds & # 39; put a pong. Whatever Islam itself has, Shear argued that the party included all religions.

Appealing to young voters

The youth match was also raised, an important demography where the conservatives further struggled to attract support. Scheer was drawn on how to rebel the party and make it "exciting and hip" for younger voters.

He indicated that the party "failed to connect boys in the last elections." But he said the Liberals represented the youth party.

He said his policy deals make problems that make young people as well as homeowners live. His plan would make it easier for young people to qualify for mortgage and bring new features to their brand, he said.

See if Scheer talks about the youth match:

Andrew Scheer says conservatives are the & # 39; part of & # 39; a freedom in a prayer to reckon with various congregations. 1:20

Defensive fighting is another important problem for young people, he said, as it is up to them to pay funds to the government today.

As a problem, he said the fighting party for free speech at university camps resonates with young voters. "We have so many universities where it's not allowed because a small group of people puts off or prevent themselves, and giving them their point," said the 39-year-old. "These problems really resonate with young people."

Crime and immigration

More traditional conservative causes – the so-called red meat problems – such as taxes, pipelines and illegal immigration were also caused by members of the public.

One Conservative Asked About Shearing a Policy That Parties Have That Rid Of Irregular Boundaries To Pay 10% Of All Expenditure originated by the migrants.

Scheer said he was "convinced, at first, that the problem of illegal border was in the first place".

"It starts with making people more confident in our immigration system, it starts guaranteeing the integrity of our borders so that people in Canada get the right way, that our immigration system is based on justice and pity."

Meanwhile, many of his responses have a trusted ground.

On a question about violent crime, he said, repeaters might have harsh consequences and significant cuts. On a question about arms protection, he commented that new police rules only wound legal source protectors, and not easy to change criminals.

Many of its responses have points on Liberals, specialized in definitions, walking taxes, weakness in border building and in & # 39; e just rhetoric.

"This is how we know we are winning the arguments," he said. "If they put these meanings, annoying and personal attacks on us."

See as conservative article remains liberals on military spending:

Conservative leader says Trudeau has governance & # 39; 0:30

Scheer was entirely right and was never flammed by a question. However, if conservative support Walsh directed, he was "preaching a lot to a conversation."

Walsh reported that he was in & # 39; a "strong" performance wrote, in between, even though "waffled to a little" at & # 39; e climate change.

Zamal Wittete, from Mississauga, Ont., States that the party understands the entire platform for advancing the platform and understands the strategy of the couple's details.

"Let's just hope it doesn't run. At this point he begins to explain the nuts and bolts."

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