Monday , November 29 2021

Otter 6, human 0 in & # 39; the battle of & # 39; The Know How to Know About Vancouver Garden – BC


A river otter with a taste for valuable koi carp may also have a dream for drama, to stop it being to remove human trappings and to make a remorse effort to remove a classic Chinese garden in downtown Vancouver.

There are two steps added to the one-time Tuesday evening in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen-garden, but spokeswoman Debbie Cheung said not only received the otter, it seems to finish the sale.

They say that the salmon, the garden and the cows have come from one of the guys when the staff came out Thursday morning, but there was no direct sign that could be more hours.

One of the steps is not a meter of what some of the officials believe is the new dancer's otter and the other is near the area where employees are still missing from # 39; Most of the items of the six large-value cues that include more than one density of & # 39; flowering carp.

The director of Howard Normann city has said that camera cameras in & # 39; The garden can also be installed in hopes of checking the otter, and Cheung says it's time to "look at plan B."

There is an oat food from the ponds in Vancouver's classic Chinese garden

The public site of the extensive garden on & nbsp; The edge of the Chinatown of Vancouver is closed when the search for the otter goes through.

"I really feel that we lose our koi, but at the same time the otter really clever," says Cheung.

"I hope he is full of 'eating' food and does not go to our fish."

How to get the otter in a quiet, walled garden, is a mystery, but Vancouver resident Chris Galer has offered a clay.

He has a photo of an otter, he's seen in the streets in Chinatown on Saturday night, before he disappears in # 39; the bushes, a little bit of a Sun Yat-Sen castle.

"It was clear an otter," says Galler, the addition of his wife did not believe him until they both crossed another street.

Doctors say they are hoping to move and conquer the otter to Stanley Park, believed to be home.

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