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Organizers attract Lûd Luxury House for London's Junos Awards


London's own Lood Luxury comes home.

The duo of London Joe Depace and Andrew Fedyk, who was third at the western university and her suicide lecture with singer Brando, was the leader of Drake and Ed Sheeran in # 39; The third highest sales one-year, will be among the executives at Juno Awards at Budweiser Gardens on March 17.

"We are committed to a wonderful local success to the Junos stage," said Allan Reid, President of the # 39; Junos, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and MusiCounts.

"These two have set fire to the dance music world and we can not wait for everyone to see what they have in store."

Juno Week in London is March 11-17 and includes a number of events outside the prizes, including the Juno Cup March 15 Exhibition Hockey Game in the Western Fair District Sports Center between Canadian musicians, led by Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, and NHL alumni . The games have increased more than 1 million euros for MusiCounts over 16 years.

JunoFest sees as many as 100 executives at more than a dozen locations in London on March 15 and March.

On Thursday, Reid traveled the city $ 1 for sale on tickets in Budweiser Gardens, Centennial Hall and London Music Hall has raised $ 100,000 for music education.

"That's enough to fund a music program in 20 schools," said Reid. "No city has done that."

The program pays musical instruments, which cost $ 5,000 for each school.

"These instruments will last up to 15 years, so many children will be influenced by them," said Reid.

Tickets for the Juno Awards and the Juno Cup are starting on November 30 with $ 79.95 (plus fees) for the prizes and $ 20 and $ 15 (plus fee) for the Juno Cup, available in the book & Budweiser Gardens, 99 Dundas St., online by, or by calling 1-866-455-2849. A dollar out of every ticket will be donated to MusiCounts. Fans can also buy a $ 4-boy Juno card for $ 10.

Depace was a musician and Fedyk studied political science while producing the production and the band of Good Luxury. They are based on Los Angeles.

"If we are Junos, we have had difficulties because we were children and have been executed on Junos, where it was started for us, is just incurable," said Fedyk.

Depace was born and raised in London and visited A.B. Lucas Secondary School. Although Fedyk grew up on Mississauga, his mother, Debbie, is a London nature.

Since the release of 'Hit Body', they have released Love No More, the sounds of the charts.

Joe De Pace and Andrew Fedyk, who will form Luxury Luxury, will be held as a result of 'Junos' 2019 in London. Photographer recorded on Thursday, November 22, 2018. Mike Hensen / The London Free Press

Under the merits of Thursday conference came from London mayor Matt Brown and mayor Ed Holder.

"This is a great chance for London," said Holder.

"Junos set London on a special place, not just national but international."

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