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Oilers & # 39; new deal with Koskinen leads to many questions

EDMONTON – "Oddly strange, I don't think it's time to evaluate our goalies."

Whaaaa …?

Ken Hitchcock was referring to his team defense defeat, which was not strong of late. "There have been a lot of times since we had made big mistakes, and the big mistakes have come to catch us," he said.

However, the fact that less than 24 hours before, his general director had spent three years and $ 13.5 million in the goalie Mikko Koskinen in & # 39; s matches with Hitchcock's point.

General director Peter Chiarelli is, clearly, very confident in evaluating his late summer at this stage, and he chose Koskinen over Cam Talbot. The latter chose not to speak to the media on Tuesday, and is undoubtedly on the spot.

The former did not say yet, but we are at your service in filling out our countries.

If so often the case is that Chiarelli sent the send button on a mission for the NHL's Central Registry, a myriad of questions falls. We will try to sort a few of them here:

• Why now? And why so much?

With two UFA goalies present that came in this season, it was always a control between Talbot and Koskinen, who is being re-signed and who is running. Koskinen has expected the season as good as this season expected, with 2.78 goals against and a .911 saving percentage, while Talbot (3.27 and .894) has his second average sub-season.

By the numbers it is an easy decision.

But the answer to why a contract with a $ 4.5 million AAV is that a million higher than market value is this strange? Sorry, it's too much too soon for a 31 NHL game vehicle on its resume this decade.

We do not think about the three-year term or the goalie. But so is almost always the case, Chiarelli has panic and pays too rich. The saving grace is that the Oilers have every chance to buy less on their goalies the following season than they do, if they cost no more than $ 2 million on their backup.

But why, with the GM & # 39; s release, would anyone think that is a possibility?

• Why not wait and find a tour this summer?

Go to and view the following UFA goalies. It is a whole dance recreation, which UFAs will all be overstated. Waiting for the UFA brand was just not an option.

Could Chiarelli leave both Talbot and Koskinen, and then trade for a gardia? He could, but what if you could not find the right man and Koskinen, if you let all the guests leave Edmonton, what's different and play great?

Personally, we would take that risk. We had been hanging out on Koskinen, but the contract number would be harder.

The Jeff Blair Show

Are we too little negative about the state of Oilers?

January 22, 2019

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• Is Hitchcock just? Is this a bad time to evaluate goalies?

We have news for you: The past 20 years is a bad time to evaluate the goalies here in Edmonton. Devan Dubnyk and Laurent Brossoit are examples of this summer that are much better after searching for teams with stronger rosters playing the specifically defensive hockey.

Talbot, for example. He was decent here two seasons ago, but his game has been wounding two seasons.

Specialists say that a guard can only overcome his environment for a definite period. It seems that Talbot has been defeated in 2016-17, but for the past two seasons, a shaky and unpredictable definition environment has saved itself in sub-.900.

Would that now come to Koskinen? If this GM – or the following – finds a way to improve the grid, we will guarantee that the Koskinen signature will look 2 years ago.

"I enjoyed my time here. I find the team," Koskinen said on Tuesday. "I think this is big risk. I want to win, that is the bulk of why I want to stay here and I really believe this team and this organization, we can drop a lot of boys proof and we can show each other that we have something. "

What we find here in Edmonton is not the goalie as much as the players for him.

Just as it is not the coach, but the players are for him.

Make this problem, and everyone will see better.

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