Friday , April 23 2021

New report says SkyTrain is recommended in extension to UBC

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As a fast transit expands to a University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver's Point Gray district, the option available is SkyTrain.

That's what Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart says about recommendations to be checked by the Metro Vancouver Mayor Council on 24 January.

"There was a lot of enthusiasm among the other mayors for this project, and very much in favor of it going forward. I think everyone sees this as a regional project, where, for example, the Mayor of Coquitlam is very fond of UBC students , like other mayors around the region, "Stewart says.

The report, last week, is being discussed at the Metro Vancouver Mayor and Stewart is confident that other mayors will support these plans, even if they do not yet know how much it will cost.

"It will be different. At UBC there seems to be some desire to be upstairs, so that for example costs will cost. We need to approve the technology, then they can do business and then we can see what it would cost per kilometer. "

Stewart proposes to report plans to agree with the construction of Broadway to Arbutus line closed in 2025 for completion.

"What we are trying to do is a parallel planning process so that we can maximize the efficiency of building this line. That's why the importance of Arbutus's technology to UBC is so important. The oldest governments really look for us in cement put what that goes. "

More details, including how much this extension can cost, are discussed on Thursday afternoon.

Stewart will also have plans to talk to Premier John Horgan on Tuesday, January 22 and on Monday January 28 with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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