Thursday , April 22 2021

New HIV cases have fallen more than 50 percent since 2016, says health awareness

Middlesex-London Health Unit (video)

New HIV reports in the London area have disappeared over 50 percent in two years, a new report from & # 39; A regional civil civil authority receives a coordinated common response for the procurement of outbreaks.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit reported 29 new HIV cases that were diagnosed in 2018 in the London location, at 52 percent from & # 39; e 2016 to 61 years, the only highest date in history.

"For all the years before, she was voluntary," said Shaya Dhinsa, sexual healthcare at a Middlesex London Health Unit. "We are trying to understand the risk factors and how they could not have HIV, and especially (the cases) were in people who introduced drugs."

After the splash of new cases diagnosed in 2016, the health monitor sets a reaction team for the housekeeping and drug populations of & # 39; To reach the city, they have their livelihoods at a high risk for infectious diseases such as hepatitis A or HIV.

The two-legged team, two broadcast workers and a program leader count on the streets of June 2017. The group was modeled after a similar program for risk and HIV-positive people in Vancouver's inner city. .

Team members build trust with people at risk, teach them about reducing HIV transmission, get them to medical agreements, and help them navigate the healthcare system.

"It takes a few times to make people introduce drugs. Some do not trust the system, some do not want to be instant," said Dhinsa. "Over time, caseload has increased and more patients have been caring for care."

The clients handled by the outreach team are from & # 39; noon 2017 to 124 & # 39; the end of 2018, the report said.

Increased access to harmful reduction companies, such as clean needles and headaches and targeted training camps on safer medical injection practice, have also made significant new failures of HIV, the report said.

Although it was opened in February as a measure of need to kill a growing round of opioid overdose in a city, Dhinsa said that the temporary overdose prevention site at the regional HIV / AIDS link Also on King Street, it has helped to reduce many new HIV infections by increasing access and awareness of mental health initiatives.

Although last year's number of reported HIV practices in a London area was the lowest since 2013, Dhinsa said the outreach team's work is far from over.

"There are always other risks as well," she says, adding the outreach team has helped health unity to an unknown field-banned hepatitis A outbreak among housekeeping and drug populations in & # 39 ; autumn.

"The team of outreach has supported our infection-sickness team for people who have an influence on drugs … they are provided with care and faxes. This client knows who they are and trusts them."

The report is presented to the board of health at their meeting Thursday.

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