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More than 25,000 students can be closed in the vaccine coverage

Approval declarations have been a route of the school year for thousands of students since Ottawa Public Health began to increase immunization supplement in 2015 with annual reviews of all students.

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More than 25,000 Ottawa students are warned to get their immunization services again or attractive or attractive.

Students in four public school districts and privileged schools got in & # 39; Last week's messages from Ottawa Public Health. Early January, students will be present at French primary schools who still have not updated their immunizations. Striking notes will go to students at other boarding schools and private schools in the next weeks.

Striking notices have been a route to the Ottawa school year for thousands of pupils since Ottawa Public Health began to increase immunization supplement in 2015 with annual rewards of all students.

In this file is a healthy worker a soap with a vaccine.

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Routine-child immunization against infectious diseases such as cold, mumps and rubbish is required for schoolchildren under Ontario law, except when their parents are obliged for religious, philosophical, or religious reasons.

With the return of vaccine for disadvantaged child delinquency – including a 30-year increase in pulmonary plasma worldwide last year – there is a growing public health consultation on the care of child immunizations.

In Ottawa's period Ottawa Public Health Care appears to be immune or chaotic, with 17 percent of # the students who receive this autumn. But officials of public health say that the system works: Not only has the number of students with incomplete immunity rights in # 39; Over the past three years legitimated, but Ottawa children also have an immigration rate above provincial and national average.

In 2015, when the intensive surveillance began, Ottawa Public Health Warrants sent to 58,740 students. This year 25,781 messages were sent.

Lorette Dupuis, program director of the immunization program in Ottawa Public Health, said that the health unit would like to see that the annual list of pupils with non-compliant record is 20,000 skates, but it can not be much lower than that. And 8,000 new children come in the school system every year and many of those already in the school system are new imported performances, thousands of years have some incorrect options.

Public health Debbie Abbott holds a bottle of combined vaccine for mushrooms, mumps and rubles in Hastings Prins Edward Public Health in Belleville, Ont. Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Ontario students need to receive or vaccination or complete paperwork from the program when they need to be prevented.

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Around 85 percent of students receive news reports, update their recommitings before being upgraded, said Dupuis, but hundreds of students will be picked up every year. Each suspension this year will take place between Jan 16 and 28 February.

Dupuis has said that Ottawa Public Health has renewed the health reports of students between 300-500 online a day.

Ottawa Public Health faculties are completed, Dupuis has said, but families are encouraged to get their health care contact to get impetus.

Meanwhile, in a report presented to the health center of the city earlier this year, Ottawa Public Health said it is aimed at making various sub-populations. Among other things, officials of public health are improving access to newcomers who live in homes.

Ottawa Public Health is also targeted at vaccinated families. More than 4,800 Ottawa students are exempted from one or more facsimiles, more than half of them for philosophical reasons.

Ottawa Public Health says it works to better understand the sex in the community. Developing a communication strategy to "enhance immunization, increase knowledge on immunization and disciplinary myths about vaccine".


The majority of families receive immunity views, are not vaccinated, but may have no registration included or is outdated if they interrupt their children.

Ottawa Public Health is also aimed at increasing coverage of vaccine coverage such as HPV, which receive 60 percent of students. The vaccine, which is contrary to the virus, has caused some cancerous effects, has been expanded only for providing boys and girls in Grade 7. It is not required under the imbalance of & nbsp; a province of school.

The spread of vaccines required – mouths, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and pertussis – has increased in Ottawa since the annual student immigration process began.

More than 93 percent of seven year parents have been infected with vaccine, while more than 96 percent of 17 are. Before the flash to update immune systems, public health care workers did not have enough photograph to determine how many children in the city were immunized.

How to update your child's immunizations:

Please call 613-PARENTS or go to / Immunization.


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