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Mars mission to sell the viability of space: research


4:53 PM | December 10, 2018

A round trip to Mars would travel to travelers to create dangerous high levels of solar pollution that was determined to destroy two days and a half, a study was found.

The report, seen by Sputnik, about how serious energy particles affect cosmonauts on a mission on Mars, are discovered in the conference on Space Biology and Aerospace Medicine in Moscow. "Assessments are made of the effects that have resulted in a long flight to Mars from up to three years in high-peak activity and with various densities aluminum protection, maybe the total life of # 39; a cosmonaut, read the report.

The study concluded that a standard human organism traveled to Mars on a high speed within a simple spherical space lock on a two-year expedition to Mars and back [will be exposed to] Combined radial risk in & # 39; Lifelong, without age, a penalty of 20 grams per square centimeter, 7.5 percent, with an average lifespan of 2.5 years. & # 39;

Russian scientists will say that sleep water treatment and mineral water use will be used to migrate the harmful effect of solar currents. "[Among the measures] Remember, the use of sleeping or water gels has or maybe polyethylene poer as isolator. Weather and plastic have light elements in them, such as hydrogen, protect against primary and secondary neutrons, "read the study.

The supply of drinking water, the research further states, must have a certain mineral composition as silver solutions, such as, for example, can increase the pogogenic influence of ionizing strains. Consumer Consumption must be removed for the same reason.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin said in March that a beloved mission for Mars was one of the goals of # The countries were, alongside the moon and the deep space. Last year, the Russian scientists begin to begin psychologically experimenting to see how a "isolated" crew of people from different countries can isolate them simulated.

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