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LIVE UPDATES: Officer had to arrange other pieces of stock of the order of Oland, tested list


Chris Morris, The Canadian Press

Published Friday 30 November 2018 12:45 EST

Friday, November 30, 2011 1:41 am EST

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – The tremendous body of multimillionaire Richard Oland attracted an unexpected attention from several Saint John police officers who had tried the scepter to just see the Friday of 's arrest Dennis Oland.

"I'm sorry to get them from my miscarriage," Sgt. Mark Smith said that he had described two unfinished officers in the body on the day it was discovered July 7, 2011.

Smith was the officer responsible for collecting sound evidence on the grisly murder scene in the center of Saint John's Richard Oland, the 69-year-old journalist and former Moosehead Breweries Ltd . It was towed on July 6, 2011.

Holland shows show by his desk, his shackle is defeated by repetitive blocks from a weapon never found. There is a large bloodbath of the upper half of the body.

The only son of Oland, Dennis, 50, is in trouble for the second medal. This is the second second issue of the Netherlands – the jury conviction in its first problem in 2015 was put on place.

The police told the court that this was a "rage" by Dennis Oland's serious financial problems. The defense says Dennis, who has provided his innocence, is the victim of a shy police investigation and a rush to the judgment.

The two officers were the smith of Smith, were inspector Glen McCloskey, later deputy head of police in Saint John and now, and Const. Greg Oram. It was the second visit of McCloskey to the stage that day and he gave in to the first problem he got there on. The second opportunity simply comes from & # 39; curiosity.

McColdkey's was the topic of a first investigation by the New Brunswick Police Commission to another officer who said that the deputy governor wanted he did not report the process of his presence on the crime. However, a detailed study was conducted to McCloskey.

Smith said the two officials left when he sent them out.

The defense requires attention from police resolutions that prove to be a problem, and suggests that there is a failure of due diligence in connection with the prevention of contamination of # and a failure to investigate such areas as a possible handling route and a office room.

Smith was not prosecuted by lawyer lawyer on Friday. He will later take the stand.

Two other police officers on Friday Friday, Const. Rob Carlisle and Const. Don Weber, described the work they had done during the study of 'Oland', questioned by P. Kronichtsh. Veniot.

Both were encouraged to search for possible evidence, including everything that could have been a murder weapon, and they also collected video footage of nearby businesses.

Carlisle said he was trying to find video footage from a city of stage, especially to show some people of beige pants, about 5 meters in height and a darker blazer from July 6, 2011.

"There was no name called," said Carlisle the court.

Dennis Oland was shot on camera on July 6, 2011, values ​​of beige pants and a brown coat. He visited his father in # 39; The road to the day is the last known person Richard Oland has lived.

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