Tuesday , November 30 2021

Liberal table back-to-job advertisement for Canada post transporters


The federal government supports legal legislation to enable Canada to work back into work while dealing with one another to negotiate a deal.

Minister of Patty Hajdu appointed the bill in the House of Commons Thursday morning.

The Liberals also made a motion to speed the account to fit it in a compressed time instead of sending a normal three steps of lectures and commission hearings that usually take multiple weeks. The MPs will begin today with debates on the motion, followed by debate over the bill, and CBCNews.ca will deliver the live.

Canada Post is a fifth week of rotating war by thousands of internationalized employees while both sides remain separated from delayed trading.

Hajdu said Wednesday the government was "serious seriousness" on law-enforcement legislation. While the government does not have the relationship, it was necessary because of the busy time of the year, when the Canadians ran on the tasty.

NDP parliamentary leader Guy Caron suggests the actions of the government that connect the Canada director to not earn in good faith.

"If I was a progressive liberal, I would seriously ask how much I could support a special law that all suppliers have worked, which is now concluded that Canada Post does not negotiate a good faith, It is good that the government will come and help it out, and this will show that the government is ready to do everything to make web giants like Amazon and eBay, "said Caron in # 39; the home of Commons Wednesday.

In response, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was encouraged to encourage both sides to deal with a deal, but was just to act if there was no "important progress".

"We have offered municipal officials, appointed mediators and voluntary arbitration. Legislation is not a step we can lighten," he said.

Canada Post Drive is in rotating strike in Toronto on Wednesday. (Carlos Osorio / Reuters)

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