Friday , July 30 2021

Laine, Connor leads Jets to Game 3 win over Blues

ST. LOUIS – It had to be done, and you have to Winnipeg Jets Credit: Not only did they see business on Sunday afternoon in St. Louis, they see much as they can win again on Tuesday.

The Jets put on a thought the power in Game 3, which played the Blues 6-3 in a game that was not as bad as the score would suggest. They are right back in this series of 1-row round 1, 2-1, with a chance to think of home-ice loss in the night-night game in Game 4.

On a Jets team that carries a rotating series of forces in the back and the start of & # 39; a popular police from 2019 in & # 39; run from & # 39; back, all laces were in & # 39; position; A position of 3. Game Connor Hellebuyck won, in return, Patrik Laine's score again, They got dancing parts from Brandon Tanev and Kevin Hayes, and Dustin Byfuglien got his first goal (fifth point) from & # 39; series.

If the Jets have at least the first half of the opening period – the score remains 0-0 – you want it to be a situation where the Blues can survive, or maybe even become stronger. And when David Perron received a wrist from the creation of Byglings to open the score, the game's look that Winnipeg's lost wanted.

But the Jets credit. They came out for the second period that they were 1-0, and then they returned to their room, they had a 3-1 lead.

Hayes helped the Jets win, which they won with their upcoming game, a long wrist block to the blues of the blues, perhaps defeated by St. Louis defensor Alex Pietrangelo, with Jordan Barkington curtain with his stick . After banning the Jets three or four times, Binnington was finally decided by his own captain, of all people.

Despite three minutes later, Laine scored in his third consecutive game on a four-on-four situation where he won the Jets Saint Louis. Then, just 71 seconds later on a four-on-three powerplay, Kyle Connor made it 3-1, and the Jets made their first two-goal lead of "#".

At the end, the Jets set goals out of all four lines, and one of a blue liner for good measure. The confidence they get from this is by far the most noticeable game of all series to date uncertain.

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