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In recurring history, Nazem Kadri can even be history with the Maple Leafs

Boston Brown's defense man Connor Clifton (75) and Toronto Maple Life's center Nazem Kadri (43) beat each other to the goal in the third game of Game 2's NHL hockey first round playoffs Saturday, April 13, in Boston.

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Imagine if you have one.

A Toronto Maple Leafs player has the game of his NHL career in & quot; Playoffs. He controls the whole night as a demon, plays an important role in the & # 39; A team's offense ending the Leafs in the previous season. But let's get into a match, he'll stay in a grave all night & # 39; e bends to & # 39; it has a bad hit from one of the opposition players. Well behind the game, with everyone in the building at the other end of the ice, the Leaf player even sees his antagonist. He unknowingly knocks him with a whole forest at his head.

Pandemonium comes out, although the Leafs won the game. But there is an NHL listen and the Leaf player is picked up for the rest of the playoffs and the first eight games of the following season. While the Leafs win the next match to also take a 3-2 lead in their best-of-seven series, the opponent came out of the game and won the following two games to eliminate them from & # 39; the playoffs for the second year again.

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No, we're not talking about Nazem Kadri, who's leaving his cross-check on Boston Bruins' head for Jake DeBrusk in & # 39; a Saturday 4-1 loss of life probably means that he will re-enter the playoff series against the Bruins for the second year. The & # 39; a game of & # 39; An NHL calls for a honeymoon session at & quot; hit, that & # 39; s on Monday for the Leafs and Browns in Game 3 of their series in Toronto.

The other fierce hit was offered by Tie Domi to the head of New Jersey Devils superstar defense Scott Niedermayer on May 3, 2001. Niedermayer did not play again in & # 39; series, but Domi & # 39; s hit was seen by his team sizes as the turning point in losing to the Devils.

"There is no doubt that Tie is bringing an element to our team," said Leafs for Gary Roberts at no time. "He is effective. He can skate. He seems to be beating. He's been wounded this year for us. So yes, though they don't have a Niedermayer in a setup … they probably made them little to gain from science that Tie Domi did not hunt her for check on her. We missed out on Tie on the ice. "

And that's what probably happened to today's life, by Kadri's selfish decision. While being killed at DeBrusk to drive Patrick Marleau in a stanchion on a bank, a clean hit by the way, it's easy to complete. Kadri got over a pinch-clip yet The Hitker made him earlier in the game.

DeBrusk was not punished for this hit and referee Trevor Hanson and Brad Meier maybe also many other things to name. The performances of & # 39; s officials were as bad as it gets in & # 39; e NHL, but that is still no decision for Kadri's cold lost.

There is almost no chance that Kadri will play in these series again, just like & # 39; s damaging to Leafs & # 39; Possibilities like it were a year ago he removed for three driving license games for Bruins for Tommy Wingels ahead of in boards.

Kadri is your classic replay. In the last six years he has been recorded four times for a total of 14 games. His three finds were on other occasions and that will be Kadri's eighth visit with the NHL disciplinaries.

Since the department of & # 39; department Offering a safety deposit is Kadri's call, this means that the league now has the option to stop it for at least five matches. He will be happy as all that he gets.

As with Domi's situation, it came to a game where Kadri played tremendously. While his teammate won under the Bruins & # 39; check-in, Kadri pointed out his meal and fell back. He also scored the only goal of Leafs and in the first series of the series, a 4-1 win, Kadri's perfect broadcast of & # 39; a passage to William Nylander made for a goal.

It is this combination of physical games and skills that Kadri has as an important player for the Leafs when under control. As the Leafs & # 39; third center behind John Tavares and Auston Matthews, he also makes match issues for opposing teams. The problem is that it judges and obviously does not read from history, nor its team or its own.

As a result, Kadri could have played his last game as Maple Leaf. While the Leaf needs the skill and skill of Kadri, it must come with companionship. With the salary caps of Leaf's general director Kyle Dubas say this summer and the fact that Kadri's $ 4.5-million caps over the next three years make him an appealing science for other teams 39, be prepared to take a chance on his hard drive, it will not be a surprise if he does.

"Of course, it's exciting for Naz, it's mind-boggling for our team," Leaf's head coach Mike Babcock said on Sunday. "One of our key areas is deep in the middle and of course the Naz is a good player, he has done good things.

"Every time you quit the line, although you have a chance to make a decision when you play or not. The way you look, is that we can't worry about that now. We just need to keep going. "

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At this point, it looks as if it will be the brown ones, the Kadri does.

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