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How alert are you to live 90? Depends on your gender and body size

The study found women who did not live up to 90 were, on average, larger and had less weight since the age of 20 and compared to women who are shorter and heavier. No such association was for men. The men, however, saw more benefit from physical activity than women.

While the study has been judged and cannot cause any cause, the findings "can provide an interesting affair that males and females can do without BMI, height and exercise," says Epidemiologist David Carslake, a senior research university at Bristol University in & # 39; England, that was not involved in the study. BMI, which is for body massaging, is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight calculation.

In 1986, researchers surveyed about 7,000 Norwegian men and women between 55 and 69 years of age about their height, current weight and weight at age 20. Both genders also told researchers about their current physical activity, including dogs, gardens, families, walking or cycling work and sports. The men and women were then divided into daily activity quotes: less than 30 minutes, 30 to 60 minutes, and 90 minutes or more.

The groups were checked until they died or reached the age of 90; Of the 7807 participants, 433 men and 994 women lived in that age. Exercises that can influence longevity, as current or past about vacation and level of alcohol use, were also taken into account.

People and women in a study disappeared very differently as it came to the influence of body size and exercise.

Mediterranean diet also has benefits in elderly, research research

Women who dare less at 20 years of age and lean less weight, while they were more likely to deliver longer than higher women. Height played an important factor: the study found women who were greater than 5 meters 9 inches were 31% more likely to live in their 90s when women who were less than 5 feet were 3 inches.

White height or weight seems to be the factor in whether the men reach their age, but do the active level. Men who had been active for 90 minutes a day and more were 39% more likely to live 90 than men who were active for 30 minutes. In addition, for every 30 minutes the day the men were active, they were 5% more likely to reach that age.

Women who are physically active for more than 60 minutes of day were only 21% more likely to live on 90 than those who have 30 minutes or less. And, unlike men, there was no bonus for increasing activities. In fact, the study suggested that the optimal level of activity for women was 60 minutes a day.

A loss of life expectancy

The average of life expectancy has increased for most of & # 39; A world, however, recent studies are a bad thing about this trend in some developed peoples. For example, in & # 39; e US have expected & # 39; days of life in the last few years. Drugs are deceived and sued are the most important decay, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but the main causes of & # 39; stay dead the same. Heart disease, cancer and sting, three of the top killer of & # 39; Americans, are all influenced by weight removal and a lack of assertion.

"It is now quite clear that obesity, obesity and sedentary life leaders are harmful to health," said Carslake. "Retrieved from" "Categories: Stobbe-geography

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