Friday , April 23 2021

Fortnite v7.20 Content updated patch notes – Sneaky Snowman, Vaulted Items, and more

Fortnite v7.20's Content Update is here! As the name indicates, this update strives for a variety of Fortnite in the form of new and regular items.

See the full patent notes below. What are your thoughts on this update, is Fortnite commonplace in a good direction?


Sneaky Snowman
Was that sniffer closer than it was a second line? Sneak around the map and surprising enemies in a frosty new way.

The Block – Omega Pyramid
The block is now a pyramid! Battle in this massive structure that is made by Directingpete to detect the secrets it has.



In this more modest mode, players will only make use of scoop weapons. Make the best profit profit!

What's new?

  • Supplemented sniper rifles have been added.
  • Legendary Scoped Pistols have been added to Supply Drops.

Fashion Details

  • Floor Loot spawners reduced by 50%
  • Restore "Down But Not Out" Teammate to Duos & Squads has been disabled – try grandma!
  • Profile statistics (K / D & Wins) are checked in this mode


  • Sneaky Snowman
    • Use Primary Fire to give in projectile making in destructive candy.
    • Use Secondary Fire for values the Sneaky Snowman.
    • Sneaky Snowman has 100 health and works as a shield of a player.
    • Sneaky Snowman is destroyed when his health runs zero or when & # 39; the player wore the sniper to whips into another item or building mode.
      • This means that a player wearing a Sneaky Snowman cannot build or use any other points. Movement of all kinds is allowed.
    • Available in the common variant.
    • Can be found from flat farms, crates and praises.
    • Drops in steps of 5.
    • Max stack size of 10.
  • The drop chance of Shield Potions and Small Shield Potions wraps.
    • Shield Potion
      • Reduced drop chance of Floor Loot from 16.53% to 13.22%.
      • Reduced chance chances of cabinets from 14.26% to 9.5%.
    • Small Shield Potion
      • Enlarge drop chance from Floor Loot from 13.22% to 16.53%.
      • Increased drop chance from Chestes from 9.51% to 14.26%.
  • Follow the following points:
    • Quad Rocket Launcher
    • Port-A-fortress
    • Grappler
  • Reduced the drop chance of Gliders.
    • Reduced chance chances from 11.89% to 4.43%.
  • Reduced the drop chance of Balloons.
    • Reduced opportunity chance of castles from 7.58% to 3.24%.
  • Reduces the striking chance of Quad Crashers from 100% to 50%.
  • Reduce the striking chance of X-4 Storms from 80% to 50%.


  • Fixed a problem that would cause a big drop in FPS.


  • Additional extra dates for Explorer Pop-Up Cup.
    • Additional additional materials that were lost on elimination are now active with the eliminated player, but are not allowed immediately.

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