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FortisBC warns to illuminate cold catch can lead to earthquake – Frede-Arch News


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FortisBC urges customers to run the thermostat and recreate on heated water to preserve natural gas. (CORGI HomePlan / Flickr)

FortisBC warns that it can be expected to fall short in greenhouse gases

Supply has been deduced since a board release of Enbridge in Prince George on October 9

A warm start to winter and preventative measures have B.C. Keeping natural gas, but FortisBC says it is not a forest.

The utilization is underway, to get injured in a pipeline by Enbridge by Prince George on October 9.

The line drives up to 50 percent for weeks until the federal regulator has the business to increase on 85 November operating capacity at 85%.

While FortisBC called the news positively in a news report, said the province would "still not get so much gas as it normally expects" by Enbridge.

A cold snap could provide the situation, say the utility, and let it in a position in which the demand is.

That could lead to larger business and commercial clients with a shortage.

"We have done a great deal of work, internally and with the British Columbia Utilities Commission, to create a kind service service," said CEO Roger Dall Antonia.

"Although the risk is reduced, it still goes back to normal pipeline until the pipeline returns. If we work together to save nature, we can continue to pursue this risk."

FortisBC recommends that the thermostat break a few degrees and return to a heater of hot water that is used to make natural gas use.


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