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Footstep posted under OC Transpo bus

CTV Ottawa

Published Sunday, December 9, 2018 4:23 pm EST

Last Updated Sunday, December 9, 2016 6:46 o'clock EST

In Ottawa, she says she is happy to live tonight, by going to an OC-transpo bus in # south side of # the city was shot. Eye-witnessed videos that have taken the moments after the horrendous crash were helping the woman when she was crying for help.

"It was the most painful thing I tried to find my foot, people started around me, spreading something around me to stop blood. When I reached my foot, I did not really know my skin fine. "

26-year-old Leila Giama said she was on the street after the intersection of Paul Anka and Uplands Drive when the bus turned off a straight leg right away and dropped to the bottom.

From her Ottawa Civic Hospital Bed, Giama addresses the phone with CTV News, find it's something that leads to the crash, said that the bus charter did not see them as it crossed the road.

"He did not wait for some reason and did not look over the street, so he turned around and walked around me." Be Giama, the busier said to her "I did not see you, I have not seen!"

Ottawa police have to investigate and in a statement, OC Transpo says:

"We can confirm that an event is reached between a pediatrician and a bus announced on an ongoing basis." For more information, please contact Ottawa Police. "According to Transit Operations Director Troy Charter.

Leila's sister, Yasmin Giama, ran to the bands of time after it happened; steps from her home.

"I heard from a friend that someone was getting through a bus … And I was just right for our building, that's crazy, and then I'm just powerful and it was my sister, Yasmin said Giama.

Leila and her family say they are shocked, they have heard nothing of OC Transpo; Hope the controller is kept in control.

"You busted about a person on bus, and you still have no contact with me to see if I'm good." Be Giama.

Bus drivers in the area say they are not surprised to hear crash.

"Some of us come from the bus and the bus wants to turn off the corner, though we have also started to cross our back." Be Caroline Taylor.

Giama knows she was happy, she was not seriously injured, "I could lose and be worse, I could be dead."

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