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Five people died in Lower Mainland in six weeks.


Police in the murder case linked the latest shooting from Abbotsford last Monday and a 19 – year – old lion to a gang war, where there was a death in a frosty house last week.

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The last deadly shooting at Lower Mainland has increased to five victims over the past six weeks in connection with the area's intense gang activity.

The shooting occurred at Abbotsford near an elementary school closed on Memorial Day's public holiday, killing a 19-year-old man.

Emergency response team responded to the shooting report at 3:30 pm At the intersection of Simpson and Ross Road on Monday. Abbotsford found a young man suffering from a gunshot wound. He arrived at the hospital with a helicopter and died.

My friend is Jagvir Malhi, Abbotsford resident and W.J. Mouat Secondary Graduates confirmed victims online.

The murder case spokesman said, "We blatantly ignore the safety of the community. We are lucky that the school has not attended the meeting."

Jagvir Malhi has been confirmed by a friend as a victim of a fatal shooting at Abbotsford.

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Henry Braun, mayor of Abbotsford, said that this kind of violent incident affected the whole area when this happened.

"We are shocked when this happens, not only in our community, but in all communities," I do not think violence at this level feels good in our community or elsewhere, "Braun said.

Members of the combined murder investigation team and the Abbotsford Police Department continued the case on Tuesday. Details have not been made public.

It was the second fatal shooting in Abbotsford over the past six weeks and the eighth murder in the lower mainland. Five of those murders are believed to be related to gang conflict.

The first case occurred on the night of October 3 when 19-year-old Varinderpal Singh Gill was shot and killed in the parking lot at The Junction Shopping Center in Mission. The teenagers were cautioned by the Avocz Ford police after they thought that they were in serious danger to public safety because they intervened in public violence.

A week later, on the afternoon of October 11, 30-year-old Sumeet Randhawa was shot at the 6700 block at 130th Street in Surrey. He was known to the police and the shooting is believed to be related to gang warfare.

Again in Abbotsford, Mandeep Grewal was shot outside the front gate of the bank at 32,000 blocks of the South Fraser Way on the evening of October 18th. His brother, Gavinder Grewal, was the leader of the brother 's Keepers gang. He was murdered in North Vancouver last December.

Finally, on November 9, a 22 – year – old man was found dead outside his home in Surrey 's Newton area. He was shot and believed to have been targeted as part of a continuing gang conflict.

B.C.'s gang task force spokesman did not respond to a comment request on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, the police said there was a new wave of gang violence sweeping the lower mainland, including those who continue to criminalize younger players for years.

Brown said he should visit too many families who have lost loved ones.

"It's tragic when young people are shot, and families can sympathize with them, which should be terrible," Braun said.

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